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Our company offer technology training to customer. The content of training is structure and maintenance of equipments, control and operation of equipments. 

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  • 2021-06-17

    The automated production line is one-stop operation, and each process has a specific machine to operate it to achieve rapid production and improve production efficiency. The quality control of mechanized products is a headache for every enterprise. However, automatic weighing machines can effectivel

  • 2021-06-15

    As people’s requirements for their own appearance increase, more and more personal care spray products have gained the popularity of consumers. Moisturizing sprays, sunscreen sprays, styling sprays, shaving foams, etc.... In the past, people used to care Aerosols should only stay in hair gel mousse

  • 2021-06-11

    With technological innovation and changes, there are many types of filling machines on the market. When customers choose Insecticide filling machine manufacturers, they are easy to get trapped because they don't know which one is good, especially those who are new to this kind of equipment. But even

  • 2021-06-09

    At present, with the development of the filling industry, it has been favored by many users, and different types of filling machines are constantly improving and upgrading. It is a troublesome thing for us to use this equipment to clean. The editor will introduce several cleaning techniques to help

  • 2021-06-07

    Binary packaging filling machine is a kind of aerosol filling machine. It adopts the principle of combining gas and electricity, and uses PLC microcomputer control system to realize automatic filling. Meida is an enterprise specializing in the production of dual-package aerosol filling machines. Its

  • 2021-06-04

    The manual sealing machine is mainly used for the aluminum foil sealing operation of non-metallic packaging containers such as beverages, medicines, and lubricants. The small eddy current generated instantaneously promotes the high-speed melting of the aluminum foil and achieves the purpose of seali

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