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About booster pump

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About booster pump

This equipment is the auxiliary equipment of the aerosol injector, whose function is to ensure the accuracy of the filling quantity of the filling equipment.
    Under normal circumstances, the commonly used gases are diethyl ether, propylene butane and Freon, which are required to be calculated according to the volume of the poured liquid (which can be converted into grams), rather than calculated according to the pressure. This equipment takes compressed air as power control and has the feature of explosion-proof. This equipment can also deliver the gas from one steel cylinder to another.
   Because the aerosol injector is accurately filled by the piston movement in the travel space. In order to ensure the accuracy of each filling quantity, the first thing to do is to ensure that the injector enters the equipment with full liquid, while the injector directly released by the steel cylinder has gasification phenomenon, which cannot be guaranteed to be full liquid output, therefore, in order to compress the injector into full liquid and input it to the quantitative filling machine, a booster pump needs to be added between the cylinder and the injector.
    Working principle: the upper cylinder drives the lower cylinder to do reciprocating motion piston movement, and the lower cylinder is bi-directional pressurization with four one-way valves, which are continuously pressurized. Generally, the pressure after output is adjusted to twice of the pressure before output.
Device parameters:
1. Liquid inlet and outlet caliber is 1/2 (G1/2 ''), output: 5m³/hour.
2. The diameter of air source is 10mm.
3. Air source pressure is 0.4 ~ 6Mpa MPA.
4. Inner diameter of upper cylinder 125mm; inner diameter of lower cylinder 80mm; diameter of chassis 240mm; total height of booster pump 600mm; Weight 32kg.
   This machine is mainly used for the transportation or pressurization of propylene butane gas, methyl ether and Freon, etc. The main sealing components adopt imported sealing components, which are wear-resistant, corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant. The main material is 304 stainless steel. It adopts large capacity bidirectional pressurization, with fast conveying speed and high efficiency.


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