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About the aerosol filling machine

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More and more people choose to start their own businesses, but most of them have not yet started their own businesses. This has many limitations. Today, we will introduce a device suitable for the start-up phase. It is easy to carry out business, semi-automatic aerosol filling machine, this semi-automatic aerosol filling equipment is cheap, without worrying about insufficient funds.

At the same time, the aerosol market is still developing rapidly, and market demand is still high. High, don't worry, this aerosol filling machine has been widely used, can be applied to the filling production of various aerosols in many industries, and the filling speed can fully keep up with the start-up period. It can be said that it is tailor-made for entrepreneurs.

Semi Aerosol filling machine is suitable for filling all packages of aerosols, such as: rust inhibitors, mold release agents, self-painting of industrial chemicals, etc .; foam cleaners for car care, carburetor Cleansers, edible wax, etc .; air fresheners for household chemicals, pesticides, etc .; personal care sunscreen sprays, moisturizing sprays, beauty sprays, etc.

The machine can produce 800-1000 bottles per hour, enough, fully gas driven, no spark generation, high safety performance, 304 appearance, 316L stainless steel filled steel, high sanitation level, suitable for corrosive filling of various raw materials, including liquids, this gas The aerosol filling machine installs all the filling heads on the same workbench, which greatly saves the floor space and reduces the work difficulty.


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