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About the application of aerosol filling machine

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The application field of aerosol filling machine is that dimethyl ether has good water-solubility and solvent performance, especially in products with polymer as main component, water-based products, and products with two-phase system. Is unique. Can be used as a water-based aerosol propellant. In 1928, Norwegian Eric Rotlleim (aerosol packaging inventor) used dimethyl ether as an aerosol propellant for the first time. After years of testing the quality and safety of dimethyl ether, dimethyl ether has been widely used in foreign aerosol industries. [15] The US has used dimethyl ether as a propellant for two antifungal aerosols. In cooperation with Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the First People's Hospital of Shunde, China successfully produced a new generation of environmentally friendly surface anesthetic drug lidocaine aerosol using dimethyl ether as a propellant, becoming a new alternative to Freon Medical aerosol. Paper testing.

The aerosol filling machine absorbs foreign advanced technology, the filling head is controlled independently, and no can is out of the box; the sealing head adopts guided sealing, if the sealing quality is not high, the machine will automatically stop; the inflation head uses guided inflation, accurate, High efficiency and very little gas consumption. Can be equipped with automatic valve machine, automatic weighing machine, automatic pressure nozzle machine, automatic capping machine and inkjet printer.

Aerosols are different from most other dosage forms: the packaging of such formulations requires pressure-resistant containers, valve systems and special production equipment, so the product cost is higher. In addition, the propellants (mainly chlorofluoroalkanes) as an important part of aerosols can destroy the ozone layer, which has serious environmental protection problems. Moreover, reaching a certain concentration in animals or humans can sensitize the heart and cause arrhythmia .


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