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Accessories needed for aerosol filling machine

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With the development of aerosol formulation technology, aerosol products are continuously updated, and packaging and performance have been significantly improved. The product system is becoming more and more complete, which can meet the needs of clinical pesticides in the health insecticide industry and medical systems. With the market, the quality and technical requirements of aerosol filling machines are also getting higher and higher. It embodies technologies such as filling accuracy, production efficiency, and degree of automation. Aerosol filling equipment manufacturers also need constant innovation to develop steadily.

There are many types of aerosol filling machines, which are inseparable from each other. The main components of simple equipment are measuring cylinders, stainless steel countertops, filling heads, sealing machines, inflators, and various types of pneumatic valves. Different requirements and accessories are different. It can be adjusted according to production needs. The automatic production line has a conveying device, a quantitative device, a positioning device, a detection device, an electric control system, and a gas control system.

In the steady development: from ordinary filling to binary filling, from semi-automatic to full-automatic, it gradually matures, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, chemical industry and so on.

The following takes a common aerosol filling machine as an example to give you a brief introduction to the equipment process and principle and what are the required accessories.

First of all, for the filling of ordinary aerosol products, the simple production process is filling-sealing-inflating. The assembly line covers bottle sorting, filling, valve closing, sealing, inflation, weighing, water inspection, buckle nozzle, buckle outer cover. , Coding, packing and other processes. General accessories include filling heads, liquid measuring cylinders, sealing heads, inflatable heads, inflatable measuring cylinders, booster pumps, etc. These accessories can be replaced. If they need to be replaced, they can be replaced by the manufacturer. General equipment manufacturers have stocks. of. However, the accessories of different manufacturers may be slightly different, and the original manufacturer's replacement is preferred.

At present, combined with market changes and high labor costs, with the development of technological automation, aerosol filling line production is mainly used, and small aerosol filling equipment is supplemented to meet the needs of different customers. The equipment is highly automated in function, stable in performance, and easy to operate. Full-automatic aerosol filling machine includes bottle sorting table, automatic filling machine, automatic valve loading machine, automatic sealing inflator, automatic weighing machine, water bath detection machine, automatic nozzle deduction machine, automatic button deduction cover machine, automatic Printer, automatic packing station.

The bottle unscrambler table consists of 9 flat top conveyor belts. One conveyor belt is connected to the production line conveyor belt and runs in the same direction. It uses the principle of differential motion to form jam cans, squeeze cans, and cans. The automatic filling machine is composed of 2-4 filling stations, each station is equipped with an inlet control air valve, no tank and no material discharge, suitable for filling various media. Automatic valve loading machine is divided into turntable valve loading machine and vibration valve loading machine. The core valve is selected by the rotary disk, which is transported by pipeline. The air is used as the power to send the valve to the valve machine configuration on the automatic production line. Disk selection valve, guide rail transportation, automatic valve release and compression on the tank mouth. The automatic sealing inflator is composed of valve calibration, automatic sealing, and 2-4 propellant filling stations. The propellant flushing and filling stations are individually controlled. The above units are the core components of the assembly line, and other units can be freely selected according to their own needs.

The power of the aerosol filling machine comes from the air, no electricity is needed, and the equipment is driven by the air compressor. The motors are all explosion-proof motors with high safety factors. At the same time, the configuration of the air compressor varies according to the production line. We have professional engineers to recommend it for you to ensure the smooth operation of your production line. Geruis has focused on the development of aerosol filling machines for 20 years, with rich experience and superb technology.

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