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Aerosol products and equipment market prospects and opportunities

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In recent years, with the improvement of consumption level and the promotion of environmental protection, the development of my country's packaging industry has seen a long-term growth trend in market demand. As a food, research shows that about 40% of shoppers said that "the type or quantity of packaging has affected their decision to purchase goods." 60% of shoppers are willing, glass bottles, refrigerated cartons are more suitable for healthy drinks, and steel or plastic bottles are relatively less popular. Among them, compared with plastic materials, the carbon footprint and weight of food and cosmetic packaging can be reduced, which is more suitable for the pollution-free environment advocated by modern times. It is reported that foreign companies have replaced plastic bottles with aluminum cans. Since aluminum is safer than plastic, it is less affected by gas and can avoid the penetration of harmful ingredients.

In real life, the packaging of cosmetics seen also includes car spray packaging, cleaning tool packaging and so on. It is the diversified development of the market that has created a vast market space. The huge packaging market also brings unlimited possibilities for aerosol filling equipment. Some people in the industry said that with automation, intelligence and efficiency becoming the direction of the development of the aerosol filling machine industry, related companies also need not to carry out technological innovation. It is learned that there are some companies that have made A certain breakthrough.

In terms of aerosol product quality, the differentiation is relatively serious. On the one hand, enterprises need to increase R&D efforts, on the other hand, relevant parties need to strengthen supervision. In terms of personal products, most domestic brands are seized by foreign brands, and the phenomenon of excessive heavy metal content also occurs from time to time. Insecticidal aerosols are the species that account for the largest proportion of domestic aerosol products, and some factories target profit. Even counterfeit brands are good enough. Mass production of inferior products harms consumers. There are also good ones, such as Lanju brand and Radar brand, which are the result of their strict quality control.

The aerosol industry should continue to summarize, learn from good companies, and learn from the management level of excellent companies. The industry should communicate more about the production technology of aerosol products, from raw material formulation to aerosol filling technology, to achieve the overall development of the entire industry.


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