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Analysis of the characteristics of semi-automatic aerosol filling machine?

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Aerosol filling machines have different configurations and models according to the degree of automation. The common classifications are semi-automatic and fully automatic. The differences are mainly reflected in the convenience of output, labor, and price. Today, Xiaobian mainly introduces the characteristics of semi-automatic aerosol filling machine.

First of all, let me introduce the structure and working principle of aerosol. Aerosol refers to combining the content and propellant in a pressure-resistant container equipped with a valve. When the valve is opened, the mist-like content can be sprayed out by the nozzle. Products. Composed of pressure-resistant container, contents, valve system, propellant gas, nozzle, etc.

In the production process of aerosol products, the appropriate content (original liquid) is first injected into the pressure-resistant container, then the valve is sealed, and then the propellant gas is injected into the closed container through the valve system, and the nozzle and outer cover are buttoned. The finished product is complete.

The semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is designed according to its simple production process, which is mainly composed of three core parts, a filling machine, a sealing machine and an inflator. Due to his low degree of automation, many processes need to be completed manually, which is suitable for small-volume customers or customers in the experimental research and development stage. The price is much cheaper than fully automatic equipment. For companies with insufficient funds, semi-automatic equipment is also a good choice.

At present, with the advancement of the times and the development of science and technology, aerosol filling machines are also continuously improved and innovative. Semi-automatic aerosol filling machine, the whole machine covers five functions of liquid filling, drop valve, lift valve, sealing, inflation, and is designed on a work surface, which is the higher configuration of the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine series. .

The machine is more flexible and diverse in production operation. The entire production process can be completed by 1-2 people. The operation buttons of the equipment can be clicked, linked, and opened and stopped. The manual and automatic filling modes can be freely switched. The cylinder push bottle replaces manual transmission, and workers are not prone to fatigue in the state of continuous production. Inside the machine is equipped with a compressed air storage tank, the air source power is more stable. The manual adjustment lever is driven by a worm, which can easily adjust the lifting of the equipment. The humanized automatic drop valve design eliminates the hidden dangers caused by misoperation of workers. A protective cover can be added to make the machine more beautiful and the operator safer. The machine has an extraction pipe reserved for the combustible propellant gas to be removed in time to ensure the safety of the entire aerosol workshop. The machine has the following characteristics:

1. Well-designed: every component is made according to the requirements of the artwork.

2. Good air-tightness: The sealing head adopts guided sealing, which has no air leakage and high quality.

3. High-quality materials: 316L stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance.

4. Accurate measurement: the filling volume can be adjusted according to the needs of the product.

5. Stable performance: imported components, well-known brands, durable.

6. Simple operation: jog or automatic mode, one person can complete all procedures.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, product packaging has played a vital role in making the brand stand out. The use of aerosol packaging is simple, the release amount is accurate and effective, avoiding leakage and overflow, sealed and sanitary, and can be recycled. Many advantages have been recognized by more and more brand manufacturers and consumers. Aerosol enterprises are gradually Groping, went out of his own way. Nowadays aerosol applications have been applied in various fields. For example, our common aerosol insecticides, self-painting, air fresheners, car care products, cosmetic sprays, pharmaceutical sprays, etc. cover a wide range of fields and have been in the new product development stage. There may be more aerosol products in the future Show it in front of everyone. Semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is an indispensable device for new product R & D enterprises, which can reduce investment costs and complete R & D.


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