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Analysis on the development of aerosol

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In China in the early 1980s, insecticide aerosols and hair aerosol products were put on the market, which was generally welcomed by people and promoted the vigorous development of the aerosol industry. China's aerosol production has increased from about 30 million cans (bottles) in the mid-1980s to about 560 million cans (bottles) in 2000. It has increased more than 18 times in 15 years. The rapid growth rate is astonishing. China has introduced and put into operation nearly 40 tinplate aerosol can production lines, 11 aluminum aerosol can production lines, more than 10 aerosol valve production lines, and more than 200 aerosol filling lines. In addition, it also has a batch of domestically produced or refitted production lines, which already have strong mechanical manufacturing capabilities and can design and produce can making equipment and aerosol filling machine equipment by itself.

Propellant improvement

Propellants are the energy source of aerosol products. In addition to medicinal / medical aerosols and some essential uses, China has banned freon as an aerosol propellant since December 31, 1997. At present, propylene butane and dimethyl ether are mainly used as propellants. A small amount of products use compressed gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, or alternatives such as difluoroethane and tetrafluoroethane. There are two sources of aerosol grade LPG in China: natural gas purification and refining and petroleum cracking gas refining. The supplier of natural gas purified and refined gas is represented by Zhongyuan Oilfield. The production capacity of aerosol-grade liquefied petroleum gas is 20,000 tons / year; Among them, the products of Shanghai SCAL Company are represented. The annual output is 10,000 tons. China produces a lot of methanol, and dimethyl ether is attracting attention as one of the ways out of methanol. At present, there are several domestic manufacturers that produce dimethyl ether by methanol catalytic process. The product content, impurity methanol and water content can reach the aerosol level requirements, and the production capacity is 8,000 tons per year, reaching the pharmaceutical level. So far, very few aerosol products in China use difluoroethane as an expensive propellant, but at least four companies in Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Shandong produce such propellants that are not classified as VOCs. The capacity reaches 6000 tons.

Container status

Tinplate aerosol cans account for about 80% of China's aerosol containers. There are many tinplate aerosol can production enterprises in China, especially in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Haihe Delta in coastal areas. Aluminum can production lines are mainly concentrated in Guangdong and Shanghai. There are 7 imported lines in Guangdong and 4 production lines in Shanghai. The production line for small aluminum cans currently under development is very distinctive. The printing, internal coating, sealing, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of the products have reached international standards, filling the gap in China's lack of small-caliber aluminum aerosol cans. PET containers have been developed as containers for aerosol products such as oxygen cans and pesticides.

Aerosol valve status

At present, there are more than 10 aerosol valve manufacturing enterprises in China. They belong to three situations: foreign-funded enterprises, domestic large enterprises with imported production lines, and domestic small and medium-sized enterprises using domestic equipment. Due to high production efficiency and strong self-supporting ability, some enterprises have very competitive prices, and their products have been sold to some countries in Asia and Europe. On behalf of customer filling services There are many modern customer filling companies in Shanghai, Guangdong and other regions.

Aerosol filling equipment status

The aerosol filling machine is an essential equipment for the production of aerosol products. At present, the domestic filling equipment manufacturing technology has been greatly improved, and the filling accuracy and speed have gradually become international. From the past manual transition to automation, the pure pneumatic control has developed into a PLC control system and the development of binary filling equipment. The convenience in structure and function is more and more beautiful and humanized. At present, domestic aerosol filling equipment manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in Jiangsu, Hubei, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions.

Technological innovation

While learning from the aerosol industry in various countries, some explorations have also been carried out, and some innovative technologies and products have emerged.

1. Develop the technology and machine for laminating film and cans made of laminating iron. At present, the entire production line of 100 cans / min has been put into production. The modified aerosol cans, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance are significantly better than traditional tinplate cans.

2. The application scope of tinplate cans has been expanded. At present, mousse, gel water, facial cleanser, skin cream, toothpaste and other products packed in tinplate cans have been launched. In addition, salty food aerosols such as seafood seasoning and spicy seasoning have also been launched.

3. Developed a novel high-viscosity semi-fluid filling machine and a simple binary packaging aerosol filling machine.

4. Aerosol technology is applied in the field of ancient Chinese medicine, and a batch of traditional Chinese medicine aerosols have appeared, which are widely used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

5. Innovate in the shape, structure, function and other aspects of the timing sprayer, not only for 1 inch valves, but also for the new popular small tanks with 20mm quantitative valves.


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