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Applicable people of Portable oxygen cylinder

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Portable oxygen cylinders have a very wide range of uses. Let's briefly analyze the suitable people of portable oxygen cylinders.


1. Mental overdraft: Use when students are nervous in studying or taking exams (especially before high school entrance examination and college entrance examination) to prevent dizziness, vomiting, asthma, chest tightness, mental fatigue, clear mind, focus, quick thinking, and improve memory.

2. High working pressure: When white-collar workers are under high working pressure for a long time, regular use of Portable oxygen cylinders can relieve nervous tension and moodiness, and maintain vigorous energy.

3.Air pollution: serious air pollution or air obstruction, poor circulation, air pollution in meeting rooms, offices, living rooms and other places When it is not well, regular oxygen can be used to clean the respiratory tract and replace the harmful gases in the lungs, making it more energetic.

4.Sports: When the Portable oxygen cylinder is used for physical exercise or competition, it can eliminate shortness of breath, asthma and chest tightness, and restore the body force.


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