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Attentions in the operation of automatic weighing machine

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The automatic weighing machine provides the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and battery industries with guaranteed quality due to its advantages of full automation, high precision, 100% detection rate, simple operation and maintenance, and perfect functions, and the company reduces costs and improves production efficiency. The weighing machine is widely used because of its advantages.

Please be careful not to lift the green belt weighing platform during the process of weighing machine. Please note that the sides of the weighing platform should not be scratched with other equipment to prevent abnormal weighing. Before powering on, please check for foreign objects on the weighing platform. Tell whether the four feet under the platform are hanging. After the power is turned on, if the current weight is not 0, please open the electric cabinet and tap the button "0" on the rear meter. If it cannot be reset, please call our company.

At present, the trend of digital control and automation in the online precision weighing equipment industry is very obvious. Although China is a major producer of online weight check machines, its strength in both areas is relatively weak, and it cannot cope with the current traditional industry production model. demand. We must urge the online weighing industry to change to a high-end production model, conduct in-depth research and development in areas such as automation control and digital intelligent operation, and actively launch an impact on the industry's first-class level.

The optional printer of the weighing machine can be connected to the controller to record and print the preset parameter data and various performance data. The operation interface is simple and generous, intuitively read the numbers, 2 million data statistics functions, password protection of system parameters and recipe parameters. It can operate online for a long time, with good repeatability and high stability; it can maintain the accuracy of accuracy, reduce measurement errors, and ensure maximum production efficiency.


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