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Automatic weighing machine shows how to deal with unstable weight

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It is actually a normal phenomenon that the weight displayed by the automatic weighing machine jumps up and down. The working principle of the automatic weighing machine is that the weight sensor transmits the sensed weight to the AD converter as an analog signal when the product passes through the weight detection station. The AD converter is sent to the system, and the system is sent to the display for display. Because precision weighing machines use high-precision weight sensors, the weight sensors are very sensitive to everything outside, including wind, airflow, etc., so under normal circumstances, the weight of the weighing machine display fluctuates 0.1~0.2g. normal phenomenon. However, if the weight of the monitor jumps up and down to 1g or higher, it is an abnormal phenomenon and needs to be shut down for inspection.

automatic weighing machine

When the weight fluctuation range of the automatic weighing machine is too large, we must check the environment where the weighing machine is located. Generally, check the following items:

1, check whether there is dust on the sensor;

2, check if there is an object against the tray;

3, check whether the surrounding machinery and equipment have large vibrations;

4. Check whether the zero-point tracking of the weighing machine itself is being wiped, and re-calibrate.

5. Check whether the periphery of the automatic weighing machine is at the split or air-conditioning port;


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