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Automatic weighing machine suddenly appeared inaccurate inspection method

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        In the process of using the automatic weighing machine, you will encounter various problems. First of all, you must check yourself, exclude it and see if it is operating normally.

        1. Check whether the parameter settings have been artificially changed;

   2. Whether the vibration of the workshop environment is relatively large or the airflow is large;

   3. Is the spacing of incoming materials the same as the original;

   4. Whether the weighing platform is clean and whether there are foreign objects stuck on it;

   5. Whether the conveyor belt of weighing platform and the other two conveyor belts are touching;

   6. Whether the screw protected by the sensor touches the edge of the weighing platform;

   7. Has the sensor been damaged or deformed by artificial pressure;

   8. Whether the sensor wire and motor wire are loose or too tight;

   9. Whether the position of the photoelectric switch is adjusted accurately (especially when the measured object is a special-shaped part).

  If the above 9 items are normal, you need to contact the weighing machine manufacturer for maintenance. When the cause of the failure cannot be clearly determined, it is best not to disassemble the spare parts of the equipment at will, so as not to affect the life of the checkweigher.


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