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Automobile aerosol product summary and production equipment introduction

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Automobile aerosol products occupy an important position in the automobile maintenance supplies industry, which greatly meets people's needs for car maintenance and beauty. There are dozens of aerosol products for cleaning, maintenance and maintenance in the automotive aftermarket, and the market demand is also increasing. At present, the main automotive aerosol products on the market include all-purpose foam cleaners containing cleaning ingredients, carburetor powerful cleaners, surface waxes, tire brighteners, asphalt cleaners, engine cleaners, etc.

Powerful cleaning agent for carburetor: Initially it was mainly used to clean the carburetor on cars or motorcycles, and it gradually evolved into cleaning oil stains on all metal components of cars and motorcycles and other mechanical components. Larger, more versatile aerosol product.

Universal foam cleaning agent: mainly used for cleaning car velvet headliners and car velvet seat cushions, seat covers, etc. Now this product is also commonly used in cleaning household, restaurant cloth sofas, velvet carpets and some marble, wooden furniture adsorption Dust, vegetable grease, etc.

Table wax (also called instrument leather care agent): mainly used for decontamination, glazing and protection of automobile instrument panels, plastic boards, leather and other surfaces. It is also widely used to decontaminate and polish the surface of some hardware tools and small household appliances.

Asphalt asphalt cleaning agent: mainly used to clean asphalt and asphalt stains attached to automobile paint surfaces, and also to clean oil stains on other mechanical paint surfaces.

Tire brightener: mainly used for polishing and protection of automobile tires, to prevent premature aging and cracking of automobile tires, and to extend the service life of automobile tires.

Engine surface cleaning agent: mainly used to clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the engine, which is convenient for the engine to dissipate heat, so that the engine can run and work better.

In addition to the above products, around the problem of cleaning the indoor air of the car, there are also products such as sterilizing and deodorizing agents for car air conditioners, antibacterial agents in the car, and air conditioner cleaning agents. At present, there are dozens of aerosol products for cleaning, maintenance and maintenance in the automotive aftermarket, and the market demand is also increasing.

The rapid growth of motor vehicle ownership and the vigorous development of the automotive supplies market have led to the rapid growth of automotive aerosols. In recent years, the rapidly growing market demand has spawned many innovative products. At the same time, the huge gold mine in the automotive maintenance market has also attracted many non-traditional aerosol companies to get involved in the production of automotive aerosol products. The Aerosol Professional Committee of the my country Packaging Federation has proposed that automotive aerosol products should focus on improving product safety, practicality, and environmental protection, forming a development pattern that seeks to unify with consumer demand in continuous innovation.

So, what kind of equipment is needed to produce these aerosol products, and what is the production process? The following small series will briefly introduce the process and production equipment of aerosol products for automobiles.

The process of producing such aerosol products is to first fill the liquid, and then seal and inflate. According to the needs of automated production, it can be matched with the production line, unpacking, filling, valve, sealing, inflation, water inspection, weighing, deduction A series of processes such as nozzle, buckle cover, packing and so on.

According to the scale of production, the equipment has different configurations, including semi-automatic, small automatic, and fully automatic assembly lines, which can be customized according to demand. Our company recommends a small-scale fully automatic equipment. This machine is a small and new type of equipment whose structural design is improved on the basis of semi-automatic equipment. The degree of automation is higher than that of semi-automatic equipment. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises with moderate output.



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