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Benefits of using portable oxygen cans

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Portable oxygen cans is also called "portable oxygen respirator". Compared with traditional oxygen cylinders and oxygen respirators, it has the characteristics of small size, large capacity, convenient carrying, and high oxygen purity. Its appearance fills the field of emergency medicine and health care. One of the gaps has become a new type of portable oxygen therapy and oxygen health care.

The benefits of using portable oxygen cans

1. Using portable oxygen cans to inhale oxygen can relieve angina pectoris and prevent myocardial infarction: angina pectoris is caused by acute myocardial hypoxia. If the myocardium continues to be hypoxic for more than 30 minutes, it can cause myocardial infarction and cause the patient to die. A big risk factor. Regular oxygen inhalation or oxygen inhalation during illness can prevent or relieve the occurrence of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction and buy time for treatment.

2. Using Portable oxygen cans to inhale oxygen can prevent crippled coronary heart disease: the onset of crippled coronary heart disease is particularly difficult to prevent. Before the onset, there are often continuous mild brain depression, shortness of breath, abnormal mood or heart rate disorder. If it can be supplemented with oxygen therapy at this time, it can get twice the result with half the effort.

3. Using Portable oxygen cans to inhale oxygen is a good treatment for asthma: Asthma is caused by the weakening of the ventilation function between the alveoli and the outside due to bronchospasm and other conditions. Oxygen inhalation can increase the oxygen concentration in the alveoli , It helps relieve asthma.


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