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Characteristics of filling Binary aerosol filling machine

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Binary aerosol filling machine is designed for binary packaging products. Binary packaging means that the propellant and the agent are placed in two separate units in the same packaging container, and the agent is used as a propellant. A type of pressure packaging system in which the provided energy (pressure) is released from the packaging in a predetermined form. It has the advantages of environmental protection, high sanitation level, solving the corrosion of raw materials and the incompatibility of gas and liquid. At present, with the rapid development of the dual packaging market, it has been used in all walks of life. Commonly used are cosmetic aerosols, medical sprays, fire-fighting supplies (extinguishing agents), daily chemicals, food and other fields, and dual aerosols As an indispensable equipment in production, what are the specific advantages of the filling machine?

bag on valve filling machine (2)

1. The operation interface of the equipment can be programmed to be set. Automatic electric, arbitrary switching.

2. The automatic initial pressure value display system of the equipment.

3. The action and speed of the operation can be set freely through the program.

4. The control induction system can be started only when the bottle reaches the designated position, which is safe and reliable, conforms to the humanization of the operation, and can also ensure the safety of the operator.

5. When the pressure value is insufficient, the equipment will automatically stop, and automatically start again when the pressure reaches the specified value. Achieve detailed quality control and safety.

6. The sealing ring of special material is used for the irrigation night, and the irrigation liquid has no dripping and no splashing.

7. The sealing diameter and sealing depth can be adjusted directly on the sealing head, which is simple and convenient.

8. The safe setting of the initial pressure value. The initial pressure value of the equipment does not reach the specified pressure and does not seal and inflate. Reduce defective products, reduce packaging material waste, and improve quality control rate.

9. The material of the part in contact with liquid is 316 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of cosmetics GMP.

10. The whole machine is designed on a workbench, which occupies a small area and saves space.

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