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Classification form of filling machine

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Nowadays, the demand for aerosol filling machines is also increasing. There are many types of aerosol filling machines, which have been applied to many industries. Today, the manufacturers of aerosol filling machines are here to introduce you to the filling machines. The classification form, I hope to help everyone.


1. Classification by filling method

Atmospheric filling machines: A machine that fills liquids into packaging containers under normal pressure. It is only suitable for filling low-viscosity liquid products without gas.

Pressure filling machine: A machine that uses external mechanical pressure to fill liquid products into packaging containers. Suitable for filling viscous materials, such as tomato sauce, minced meat, toothpaste, balsam, etc.

Negative pressure filling machine: a machine that first evacuates the packaging container to form a negative pressure, and then fills the liquid into the packaging container. It is suitable for filling low-viscosity liquid materials, such as oils, syrups, vitamin-containing beverages, pesticides, and chemical reagents.

Isobaric filling machine: A machine that first inflates the packaging container so that the internal gas pressure is equal to the gas pressure in the liquid storage tank, and then fills the packaging container with liquid. It is suitable for filling gas-containing beverages such as beer, soda, etc., which can reduce the loss of carbon dioxide gas contained therein. To

2. Classified by material

Liquid filling machine: refers to the product that the material to be filled is liquid, which is widely used in various industries such as daily chemical and grease, and can fill different high-viscosity fluids.

Paste filling machine: The filling material is paste, which is suitable for filling various viscosity products from liquid to cream. It is used for filling products in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide and other industries.

Aerosol filling machine: a professional pressure filling machine used to fill the propellant gas. Firstly, the liquid is filled in the seal and then the propellant gas is injected into the tank. It is suitable for filling many kinds of aerosol products.

Powder filling machine: For filling products with powder materials, it is suitable for quantitative filling of powdery and small granular materials in the chemical, food, agricultural, and by-product industries. For example: the filling of pesticides, disinfectants, washing powder, grain, seeds, milk powder, condiment additives and other products.

Granule filling machine: It is suitable for small bag packaging of medicine, food, chemicals, pesticides, etc. for the filling of products with granular materials. It is mainly used for the filling of granular medicines, sugar, coffee, fruit jelly, tea, seeds, desiccant and other products.

3. Classified according to the form of movement of the packaging container

Rotary filling machine: After the packaging container enters the filling station, it is driven by the filling machine turntable to rotate around the main vertical axis. It rotates for nearly a week to complete continuous filling, and then the turntable is sent to the capping machine for capping. Filling machines are widely used in the food and beverage industries.

Linear filling machine: The packaging container moves along a straight straight line and is filled in rows when it is stopped. This type of filling machine is relatively simple in structure and convenient to manufacture, but it occupies a relatively large area. Due to the intermittent movement, the increase in production capacity is subject to certain restrictions. This type of filling machine is generally only used for filling of airless liquid materials.

4. Classified by degree of automation

Manual filling: The filling process is all controlled by manual operation, which is mostly used for the filling of airless liquid materials.

Semi-automatic filling machine: In filling, bottle loading and unloading are all operated manually, and the filling process is automatic.

Fully automatic filling machine: This type can be divided into stand-alone automatic machine and combined automatic machine. The combined automatic machine is suitable for the filling production line of large and medium-sized factories.

The above is the classification form of the filling machines introduced by the aerosol filling machine manufacturer today. I believe you will have a certain understanding of the classification of the filling machine after reading it. Here, Shandong Fengquan will cooperate wholeheartedly with all walks of life. Provide efficient and intelligent aerosol production equipment.


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