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Comparison of hand pump type and aerosol type moisturizing spray

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As the weather gets warmer, moisturizing spray becomes a must-have for many little fairies. Brands such as Evian, Avene, La Roche-Posay, Bedema and Equan are more popular. However, along with the hot sale of products, the moisturizing spray has different differences in its packaging, and the effects of different packagings are different. Today, the editor takes everyone to discuss the difference in different packaging forms of moisturizing spray.

At present, the moisturizing sprays on the market can be divided into two categories according to the principles of the spray industry, one is a hand pump spray, and the other is an aerosol spray. The following is a specific introduction to these two sprays.

Hand pressure pump spray

Hand pump spray is more common in the market, that is, the spray is generated by manually pressing the pressure of the pump head. In the process of forming a spray, external air is required to enter the inside of the package, and the liquid is in contact with the air, which is likely to bring the risk of microbial infection. Therefore, this kind of moisturizing spray products have high requirements on antiseptic, and preservatives must be added to the feed liquid. This spray filling is simple and does not require professional equipment, a simple liquid filling machine can be completed. Any cosmetics manufacturer can produce it. Many domestic spray products belong to this type.

Aerosol spray

Aerosol sprays are packaged in aluminum cans and come in two forms. One is one-pack packaging. During filling, the raw materials are filled with inert gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen into the bottle to generate high pressure, and the spray is generated by inert gas propulsion. This type of spray is stored in a sealed aluminum can together with the original liquid and the propellant. It is isolated from the outside world. No air enters the can during use. It only needs to be sterilized and protected during production. There is no risk of microbial infection without the addition of preservatives. Mild nature and high safety.

The other is binary packaging. There is an extra bag in the aluminum can. The original liquid is in the bag. The propellant is between the bag and the jar. The material liquid and the propellant are completely separated. The propellant uses compressed air. , No harmful gas, more complete hygiene.

During the use of the one-pack, the pressure in the tank gradually decreases as the material liquid is ejected. The gas squeezes the liquid from top to bottom, and then the liquid is ejected from the pilot valve, which is generally only positive. The pressure of the binary packaging is relatively stable. The pressure surrounds the bag and gathers in the middle. No matter what angle the bottle is, it can have a better spray effect and no residue.

The binary packaging moisturizing spray has a good atomization effect. The mist beads formed are small and dense. It is extremely gentle on the face and can bring consumers a very pleasant feeling. The experience in all moisturizing sprays is perfect. Why many little fairies like to use spray has a lot to do with this sense of experience.

Some well-known domestic cosmetics companies have begun to market the use of binary packaging in the form of moisturizing spray. When you get a moisturizing spray, you can distinguish whether it is a one-pack or two-pack only by shaking it gently. When there is a shaking sound of liquid, it means a one-pack, and if there is no sound, it means a two-pack. Another characteristic of the spray here is that the formula is simple, 0 additives, so simple that only water, you can also take it on the plane.

Aerosol sprays are relatively expensive in terms of cost and require professional filling equipment to complete. The process is relatively complicated and the requirements for filling are relatively high, so the product price is high. Wuhan Jieruishi Electromechanical Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of aerosol-type moisturizing spray filling line, and has a complete filling program. For more project details, you can browse the moisturizing spray production filling equipment program.


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