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Control system of automatic aerosol filling machine

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The automatic aerosol filling machine mainly serves the filling industries of cosmetics, medicine, food, daily chemicals, petrochemicals, etc. It can treat edible oils, paints, coatings, lubricants, cleaning agents, wax oils, sunscreen sprays, and nasal sprays. For high-speed, high-precision filling. The filling line adopts pneumatic-mechanical transmission mode, with automatic and manual working modes. In the automatic state, the filling host can automatically switch between large and small flow filling and automatically close the valve after reaching the set weight, and then pass The conveyor belt transports the filled aerosol cans to the next process, and performs operations such as valve loading, sealing, and inflation. The entire control system is composed of PLC, touch screen and intelligent weighing instrument networking, which fully takes advantage of the high reliability of PLC and touch screen, strong anti-interference ability and convenient programming. The use of weighing instrument makes the control response when reaching the weight more Quickly, the communication connection between PLC and weighing instrument makes wiring more convenient and the number of control input points can be reduced.


The filling process adopts two-level control, that is, all the valves are opened at the beginning, and when the set filling value is about to be reached, the large flow valve is closed, and the small flow is used for the final filling. The filling host control system is mainly composed of touch screen, PLC, weighing instrument and various switches. The touch screen realizes a friendly man-machine interface and provides functions such as status monitoring, weight display, parameter setting, and fault display. PLC has completed the start/stop of the conveying line and the open/close control of the valve. The weighing instrument converts the analog signal of the pressure sensor into a digital signal, and transmits the result after filtering and other processing to the PLC through the serial port, and it has two digital output points, which can directly control the valve, so that the control system The response speed is greatly improved, thereby improving the filling accuracy of the entire system.

This article mainly introduces the control system of the liquid filling part of the automatic aerosol filling machine, and elaborates the control structure in more detail. For liquid filling, the performance assessment mainly includes filling speed, accuracy and long-term operation reliability. These performance indicators are the direction we have been researching.




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