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Design principle of aerosol automatic filling machine

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The automatic aerosol filling machine has many rotating structures and more complete functions. If the automatic aerosol filling machine is functionally decomposed to realize the functions of each part, and then the combination of the mechanisms is conducive to the overall function accomplish. The functions of the automatic filling machine can be divided into 6 parts: container input and conveying function, container positioning function, container clamping function, filling function, sealing and capping function, product output and conveying function.


The rotary aerosol automatic filling machine can realize continuous filling of containers and bottles on a rotating worktable. The turntable has multiple stations, which can realize filling, sealing and other processes. In order to ensure accurate filling, sealing, and inflation at these stations, the filling machine needs to be equipped with a positioning device. According to the functional decomposition diagram, the principle diagram of the filling machine is designed. Station 1 is used to input empty bottles; Station 2 realizes filling; Station 3 completes sealing; Station 4 is inflated; Station 5 finally outputs the filled container .

The empty container bottles are conveyed by the conveyor belt into the fixed worktable with low surface friction, and then enter the groove of the turntable station 1 by inertia, and then the turntable rotates, and the container bottles enter the station 2 and stop rotating for filling, and then the turntable rotates , Drive the filled container bottle to enter station 3 and stop rotating to perform sealing and capping. Then the turntable rotates to drive the processed container into station 4 for inflation, and then enter station 5 to automatically output and place through the conveyor belt Well-processed container bottle. This type of filling machine has a simple structure and adopts a rotary structure to realize continuous filling.

Conveyor belts are used for continuous conveying of containers. The containers and bottles are evenly distributed on the conveyor belt. After entering the stations, the processing of the established procedures is completed in each station in turn. After all the procedures are completed, the containers are output by the conveyor belt to the designated location. This kind of design process is closely connected, the process interval is reasonable, and the arrangement is even, which can effectively solve the problem of container bottle accumulation on the workbench. Driven by a motor, the transmission and conversion of motion can be realized through the selection of the mechanism to realize automation.

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