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Do you understand the cosmetic aerosol market

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In the past, some aerosols in the spray state only stayed in mousse, hair gel, shaving foam, but now they have extended sunscreen spray, moisturizing spray, antiperspirant spray, repair spray, etc. In the Asian market, Japan already has the leading trend of aerosol cosmetics, and also in China, Taobao claims to have the same model of AUDALA protective spray.

Monthly sales of 1.5 million, T7 sunscreen spray, monthly sales of 1 million pieces, other sales of sunscreen sprays by the former also vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Industry statistics show that by 2021, China's cosmetic aerosol market will exceed 30 billion yuan. For domestic manufacturers, this is a particularly good opportunity.

The combination of cosmetics and aerosols is a new field, especially in China, where there is great potential for development. Aerosol cosmetics is a systematic fusion of traditional cosmetic formulation technology and aerosol technology. The aerosol in the cosmetics field is full of arrogance and flowering breath.

Due to the development of aerosol technology, especially the emergence of binary spray filling technology, the unidirectional spray propellant is usually flammable and explosive. It is strictly forbidden to bring aircraft and high-speed rail to components such as methyl ether and propane. Secondly, the material of one-way spray is directly mixed with the propellant, there is a risk of contamination, the most prominent problem is the relatively low degree of environmental protection.

The binary spray filling machine or named Bag on valve spray filling machine is your best choice if you are engaged in the field of cosmetics, medicine or cooking oil.


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