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Equipment Safe Use Specification

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   Aerosol filling machine Safety usage specification

     Aerosol Products Take pressure gas as the propellant, and currently widely used gases such as Freon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, diethyl ether, butane, propylene, isobutane, etc. Among them, dimethylether, butane, propylene, isobutane and so on belong to flammable and explosive gases. In addition to filling the contents of the aerosol products and sealing the aerosol tank, this equipment also needs to be filled with the injector. In order to make the users use this equipment safely and correctly, prevent fire and prevent accidents, the following safety usage specifications are hereby formulated, and users are requested to organize production in strict accordance with the specifications.
1. The safety technical requirements of the production site must be approved by the relevant local departments (such as the fire safety department), otherwise the production cannot be carried out.
2. Before production, it is necessary to check whether the storage container of the injector is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on pressure vessels. Any pressure vessel that does not conform to the state's requirements on pressure vessel or is not qualified is strictly prohibited to be used to store the ejector.
3. The storage container of ejector should be placed at a place far away from the production site, generally 20-30 meters away from each other.
4. This equipment cannot be used in the production site where the ambient temperature is higher than 50 degrees Celsius. Eject storage containers should not be placed and used in places where the ambient temperature is higher than 50 degrees Celsius. It is strictly prohibited to use hot water soaking or fire-baked radioactive agent containers. It is strictly prohibited to use electric welding, gas welding and other appliances with open fire around the ejector storage container.
5. when non-flammable gases (such as Freon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.) are used as the radioactive agent, the connecting pipe from the radioactive agent container to the equipment of this machine must use the pressure-resistant pipe, such as metal hose, copper tube, reinforced nylon tube, etc. For the use of flammable and explosive gases (such as butane, propylene, isobutane, dimethylether, etc.) as the radioactive agent, all the radioactive agent connection line of this equipment, including the injection pipe from the storage container of the radioactive agent to this equipment, pressure resistant metal pipes must be used, such as metal hose, copper tube, nylon tube, rubber tube, plastic tube, in order to avoid static electricity and can not be eliminated.
6. Any leakage phenomenon is not allowed in all joints of the connecting pipeline of this equipment.
7. For the filling production workshop filled with flammable and explosive gas, all electrical appliances must be explosion-proof and explosion-proof products. The production site should be equipped with flammable and explosive gas over-standard alarm device, in order to find the work site with potential danger in time.
8. all doors and windows of the filling workshop filled with flammable and explosive gases must be opened outward, and good ventilation facilities should be installed to ensure the air circulation on the production site. There must be a wall around the workshop 20 meters, there should be a specially-assigned person on duty at the entrance and exit, and there should be fire prevention signs. Strict inspection should be carried out to prevent kindling (matches, lighters, mobile phones, etc.) from entering the scene. Operators are not allowed to use metal hand hammer, wrench, screwdriver and other tools, which must be handled and handled with care. It is strictly prohibited to knock, strike or throw randomly. Rubber sheets must be laid on the sidewalk in the workshop. The personnel who enter the production site must change their clothes and should not wear clothes which are easy to generate static electricity to enter the site. It is strictly prohibited to wear shoes with metal sheets at the bottom into the workshop.
9. All the air compressors of this equipment must be placed separately 20-30 meters away from the filling workshop, and the power supply of the air compressor and all the electrical appliances cannot be staggered with the ejector container and the connecting line. The capacity of air compressor and ejector must not be placed in the same place.
10. This equipment has standard Grounding screws, which must be well grounded before use.
11. When off work, the personnel can only leave after closing the injector container and all valves of the equipment and confirming the closing.


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