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Factors affecting the quality of aerosol filling machine

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Aerosol filling machines have been widely used in daily chemical, automotive supplies, cleaning and sanitation, industry and construction, food and medicine, cosmetics and other related industries. Then, how to evaluate the quality of the aerosol filling machine, and what are the influencing factors, Jereh Xiaobian briefly introduces you as follows:

1. Choose equipment for better quality liquid

The cylinder of the 300ml liquid filling head in the container will be able to fill 280ml very accurately. It also accurately fills 100ml. But 8ml can't be filled accurately, much smaller tanks such as 25, 50, or 100ml tanks are needed to accurately fill 8ml.

2. Select equipment for better quality equipment

Sealing the valve head with poor quality may cause the valve to leak. High-quality valve sealing gages help ensure reliable valve sealing. Leakage can occur when the shim of the valve head is loosened. Use a new valve head.

3. Select equipment for better quality valve sealing

We know if the aerosol leaks, the quality of the seal is very important, the seal is not tight enough, and the gas will run out, so how to detect it, if it is the entire production line, we can configure a water bath inspection machine to check for leaks and For explosive containers, if you need to know the depth of the seal, it is recommended to use the seal diameter depth table.

4.Select equipment to get better quality propellant

The 300ml propellant tank can fill 280ml very accurately. It can also accurately fill 100ml. But 8ml cannot be filled accurately, smaller cylinders are required: 25, 50 or 100ml. Inflatable joints are important, and leaks in the inflatable head can cause weight differences. Poor fittings can damage the valve. Leaks are both costly and dangerous. The company pays to put the factory in danger.


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