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Features of spray filling machine

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After continuous improvement and innovation, the spray filling machine has now been able to establish a place in the packaging industry and has become an indispensable equipment for the development of the industry. It has a wide range of applications and is used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Industrial products need to go before they leave the factory, and the well-known liquid filling machines, edible oil filling machines, paste filling machines, etc. are the objects sought after by many factories, and their role cannot be underestimated, so they are also favored by many manufacturers. favorite.


In this era of rapid economic development, spray filling machine s are suitable for pharmacy, beverage, and other filling machinery. It has the characteristics of high speed, complete set, high degree of automation and good reliability. It is also the current development trend of the filling machinery industry. . With the opening of the market and the continuous development of my country's beverage machinery industry, this type of product will be a high ground for competition. The future of beverage machinery products that integrate safety and technology is bright, then the editor will take you to take a closer look. Its characteristics.

(1) The filling mechanical part can be fine-tuned. The measurement errors that may occur for different batches of materials at different temperatures can be solved by fine-tuning.


(2) For pressure valves of different diameters, we can equip multiple sets of vibrating trays, which can work individually.


(3) Filling system accuracy: The accuracy of the filling system mainly depends on the accuracy of the metering pump, the filling speed and the stability of the system.


       (4) After the anti-drip filling is completed, the remaining material on the surface of the filling head will not flow out for a certain period of time, so that the material will drip to the surface of the container and cause pollution. The filling system is designed with a pneumatic shut-off valve, with a simple structure , Quick opening and closing, easy to clean, good sealing, effectively prevent the filling head from dripping during the intermittent filling process, and the filling head is sealed immediately after filling.


(5) To facilitate debugging and maintenance, a manual start/stop switch on site is installed beside each conveyor.


(6) The equipment is fully pneumatic, no electricity is needed, and production is safe.

Fully automated machines are demanding equipment developed in the age. The presentation of automation has facilitated production, made life easier, and promoted the development of society. Automation has also improved the technology, performance and quality of the filling machine equipment, and promoted the development of the spray filling machine industry. Only by continuous advancement can my country's packaging machinery industry and the market have a healthy and long-term development.


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