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Filling production line is full of momentum

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The domestic food industry market is an emerging industry that has slowly developed after the reform and opening up. The renewal of the food industry has also driven the development of beverage machinery and equipment. my country's food industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, from basic to scale, and has gradually become one of the key food industries that must be in the social market, and has shown four major development highlights. At the same time, beverage machinery and equipment have also made a leaping development. It can be said that the two complement each other and progress together in the development process. As an important component in the food production process, the filling production line has also made great progress. New technologies are constantly being developed and put into production.

In order to solve the current situation of low automatic production of Chinese staple food and dish product packaging and short product shelf life, a fully automatic filling technology was first created. The technology uses a high-barrier paper-plastic composite packaging box to achieve liquid, or liquid and solid Fully automatic filling of mixed or separate solid Chinese staple food, dishes, soups and other pre-made foods, automatic box taking, automatic metering, automatic filling and automatic sealing and other packaging processes are completed continuously and automatically. After filling, the product can be directly entered into cold chain logistics or combined with bimodal temperature-changing gentle sterilization technology to achieve normal temperature storage, and the shelf life of the product can reach two years. This technology not only has less material waste and high production efficiency, but also can provide a filling line with excellent performance, stability and reliability. This is the first liquid/solid automatic filling technology in China. This new technology caters to market needs and is quickly invested in the production process to benefit the people, and also provides new impetus for the development of filling production lines.

  The new technology is the driving force for the development of the filling production line. Nowadays, the domestic packaging machinery industry is gradually increasing the emphasis on technology research and development. The future development of the filling production line will be full of momentum.


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