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How many types of products do disposable oxygen masks belong to?

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Oxygen mask, as the name suggests, is a product that provides oxygen. Its main function is to transfer the oxygen needed for breathing from the storage tank to the human lungs. The oxygen mask belongs to several types of products in the classification of medical devices. What?


As we all know, the classification of medical devices is mainly divided into three categories. The first category of products refers to medical devices that can ensure their safety and effectiveness through routine management; the second category of products is stricter than the first category, mainly for their safety, Medical devices whose effectiveness should be controlled; the three types of products are more stringent and may be implanted in the human body to support or sustain life, so the production standards for medical devices are more stringent.

Oxygen mask is one of the products of medical gas supply and gas delivery device in 6856 ward nursing equipment and appliances. It is a product for external use, and its requirements are relatively low. It belongs to a class of medical device products in my country. The production requires medical For device product registration and medical device production filing, sales must comply with the regulations of the industry and commerce department.

Oxygen masks are mainly made of plastic, silicone, or rubber, and may cover the nose and mouth (oral-nasal mask) or the entire face (full-face mask). It plays an important role in ensuring human health and protecting pilots and air passengers. When in use, oxygen is directly injected into the oxygen storage bag, the mask is placed on the patient's face, and the nose and mouth are sealed. Use the fixing member to fix the mask on the patient's head for oxygen inhalation.

In the modern environment, Oxygen masks are used in a wide range. Basically, oxygen masks can be used in situations where oxygen is required. They are not necessarily used by patients. Generally speaking, oxygen masks used by patients are infectious waste. Follow the rules when handling oxygen masks.


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