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How should the binary packaging aerosol filling machine be maintained?

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The PLC controller can accurately control the filling volume and pressure of each bottle during the filling process, and each process and corresponding parameter settings can be clearly seen through the display screen, and the operation is simple. This part is very important for binary packaging aerosol filling machine. Therefore, it cannot be ignored in daily maintenance. Equipment maintenance and maintenance are divided into two types: periodic maintenance and daily maintenance, as detailed below:

1. Periodic maintenance

Motors, bearings, conveyor belts, chains, pneumatic components such as cylinders, solenoid valves, speed control valves and electrical parts should be inspected monthly. Manual adjustment can be used to check the quality and action. The cylinder and electromagnetic reversing valve mainly check whether there is air leakage and jamming. The solenoid valve can be manually forced to determine whether the solenoid is burned and the valve is blocked. The electrical part may be input by comparison. The output signal indicator is used for verification, such as checking whether the switching element is damaged, whether the line is short, and whether each output element is working normally.

2. Daily maintenance

Every shift must routinely check whether the filling valve, binary packaging system, motor, conveyor belt, and chain are operating normally, whether there is abnormal vibration or abnormal sound; tighten loose fasteners in time. Whether the cooling and lubrication system is abnormal, whether there is abnormal overheating and discoloration, fill in the required brand lubricant in time.

The binary packaging aerosol filling machine is composed of a binary sealing and filling machine, a filling machine, a filling measuring cylinder, a PLC controller, a table, a frame, and pneumatic components. Shandong Fengquan Filling Machinery is an enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of aerosol filling machines. It has comprehensive capabilities in design and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training, and after-sales service of the overall project. Adhering to the corporate tenet of "providing customers with satisfactory products and perfect services", we are determined to become a manufacturer of aerosol filling machinery trusted by customers.


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