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How to adjust the automatic aerosol filling machine?

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The automatic aerosol filling machine is a machine and equipment for the production of aerosols. Aerosols are more common in life. Common sunscreen sprays, medical sprays, mosquitoes, etc., are all aerosols. . The automatic aerosol filling machine consists of three parts: filling machine, sealing machine and inflator. The equipment is powered by an air compressor and does not require electricity. The editor of Shandong Fengquan will share with you how the automatic aerosol filling machine is debugged.


1. Adjust the air source pressure of the main engine.

Open the hand slide valve in front of the air source, pull up the pressure regulating knob on the air source, and rotate it clockwise to increase the pressure. Rotate counterclockwise, the pressure drops. Adjust to the required pressure (normally to 0.6-0.7MPa), press the pressure regulating knob to lock it.

2. Adjust the sealing diameter and sealing depth

Turn on the hand slide valve in front of the air source of the main engine and the sealing knob switch on the panel, take a valve and press it in the sealing head with your fingers, step on the foot valve, take out the valve, and measure the outer diameter and height of the sealing. Generally, iron cans are equipped with iron valves, and the outer diameter of the seal is controlled at 27.9mm~28.0mm. The sealing height is controlled within 5.1mm-5.2mm. First loosen the lock nut on the sealing diameter adjusting knob. Turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise to increase the sealing diameter, and turn the adjusting knob clockwise to decrease the sealing diameter. If you need to adjust the sealing height, first loosen the three fastening screws under the sealing head with an inner hexagon. Turn the block to the right to increase the height of the sealing, and turn to the left to reduce the height of the sealing. After adjusting to the required sealing outer diameter and height, tighten the nut. (Note that when adjusting the sealing diameter, the sealing diameter has a larger value. After this value is adjusted, the sealing diameter will no longer increase, and when sealing, the supporting claw should not extend out of the sealing claw to avoid crushing the valve).

3. adjust the height of the host platen.

First press the top of the sealing machine to make the sealing cylinder go down to the end. At this time, the bottom of the sealing cylinder will press the copper-colored top pin on the sealing signal valve. Then place an aerosol can that needs to be filled in the guide just below the sealing head (note: the aerosol can is already sealed for easy positioning). Loosen the positioning screw of the guide column in front of the table and the four fastening screws behind the column of the table. Rotate the lifting rocker to adjust the height of the table, so that the sealing head goes down just to press the valve of the aerosol can. When the sealing head presses the valve, it should not be too tight or too loose, so that the can just can't move up and down. Then tighten the table guide column positioning screws and the table column fastening screws.

4. adjust the position of the filling head and the filling head.

Close the hand slide valve in front of the air source of the main engine, place an aerosol can under the sealing machine, press the top of the sealing machine by hand, make the sealing head press the aerosol can, keep the position of the aerosol can, and then place the aerosol in the guide rail The can, so that it is next to the aerosol can under the sealing head. Loosen the four nuts fixed on the platen with the filling head, adjust the position of the filling head so that the filling nozzle faces the aerosol tank, and then tighten the nuts. Adjust the position of the inflation head in the same way so that the inflation nozzle is facing the valve core position, and then tighten the nut. Then place an aerosol canister adjacent to the aerosol canister under the inflation head, adjust the positioning handle at the tail of the guide rail to just hold the aerosol canister, and then tighten the nut.

5. Metering adjustment of liquid filling machine and inflator.

The height of the positioning piston of the metering cylinder cylinder can be adjusted by rotating the adjusting knob on the top of the metering cylinder, thereby changing the stroke of the metering cylinder piston to change the filling measurement size. (Note that before adjustment, close the front hand slide valve of the air source on the main engine, and wait for the compressed air in the equipment to empty, otherwise the rotary handle cannot be turned. Choose from small to large to adjust the measurement (clockwise is to increase the measurement), the adjustment process It may happen that the rotary handle can no longer continue to rotate after adjusting a certain distance. If the gas metering cylinder is adjusted, the inflation nozzle of the inflation head needs to be pushed up, and a little liquefied gas can be properly discharged to continue the adjustment; if the liquid metering cylinder is adjusted You need to use a small stick to push up the white PTFE plug in the filling head. Be careful not to use too much force to avoid damage to the plug. Then use a container under the filling head to catch the liquid that flows out due to adjustment and metering. That's it). First adjust the metering to an approximate position, perform trial filling, and then adjust the metering according to the filling volume until the metering meets the required requirements.

6. Debugging of booster pump.

Open the hand slide valve in front of the air source of the booster pump, and the piston will move up and down when the booster pump is idling, and there will be a sound of reversing exhaust. Adjust the pressure of the propellant by adjusting the pressure reducing valve adjustment knob on the triple-piece of the booster pump air source. Generally, the pressure of the propellant is adjusted to 1.0MPa.

The above is the debugging of the automatic aerosol filling machine. The automatic aerosol filling machine provided by Shandong Fengquan has the advantages of excellent performance, convenient operation and stable use.

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