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How to choose a breathing mask?

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Ventilator can assist or improve people's breathing, increase lung ventilation and improve respiratory function. In order to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory insufficiency, sleep apnea syndrome and other diseases, ventilator has gradually entered the family. So, how to choose the breathing mask as the main consumables of the ventilator? Next, Shandong Fengquan Xiaobian will share with you how to choose a breathing mask?


Respiratory mask is divided into nasal mask, oronasal mask, nasal plug mask (Nasal Pillow mask), oral mask, full mask and helmet mask, which is generally composed of main body, gasket, interface and headband.

The materials of common breathing masks are PVC, TPU and silica gel. PVC material is cheap, but not environmentally friendly; TPU material is more environmentally friendly than PVC, but its formability is poor; Silicone material is soft, has good toughness and elasticity, can realize better sealing of facial fitting position, and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is a commonly used material at present.

According to the classification, different types of breathing masks are suitable for different fields. The nasal mask covers the nose and breathes through the nose. It can be used by ordinary patients, but it is not suitable for patients with severe or open mouth breathing needs. Nasal mask should be the first choice for patients who use ventilator for pressure titration test for the first time or suffer from mild respiratory failure.

The mouth and nose mask covers the mouth and nose. Patients can breathe through the mouth or nose. It is beneficial for patients who are used to breathing through the mouth during sleep. The oronasal mask is suitable for patients with nasal obstruction, dry mouth and nose and air leakage. It is also the first choice for patients with severe respiratory failure.

The nasal plug mask only needs to insert the nasal pad into the nostrils, with minimal contact with facial skin, light and comfortable, nasal breathing and wide field of vision. It is suitable for patients with special facial support structure and claustrophobia, and patients with mild snoring; However, it is not suitable for patients with nasal diseases and those with high treatment pressure.

The mask is a consumable in the ventilator. The silica gel will naturally age. After the silica gel is aged, it will harden, resulting in air leakage of the mask. It is generally recommended to replace the breathing mask once every 3-6 months.


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