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How to control the error of the aerosol automatic filling machine

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The aerosol automatic filling machine uses a flow meter to detect the flow rate, but in actual use, there are many factors that affect the accuracy of the flowmeter, so there will be deviations from the standard during the use of the aerosol automatic filling machine The conditions required by the conditions lead to various errors. The current flow meters of automatic filling machines are mainly mass flow meters and volume flow meters. The editor of Shandong Fengquan Machinery Co., Ltd. will share with you how the automatic aerosol filling machine controls errors.


1. Mass flow meter

The mass flowmeter is based on Coriolis force. The sensor includes a T-shaped vibration tube, a driving coil and a pickup coil. Therefore, the mass flowmeter can be used to measure the medium directly passing through the flowmeter, and it can also measure the density and density of the medium. temperature. Most of the mass flowmeters used in the measurement process are thermal measurement methods, which will also cause the measurement process to be affected by temperature changes. In order to control the error caused by the temperature change, a thermal resistance can be installed to measure the temperature, and the electronic circuit can be compensated to reduce the influence. In addition, the installation stress will also cause errors in the mass flowmeter. Therefore, in the actual setting, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the specified requirements to reduce the influence of external stress as much as possible to ensure the accuracy of the mass flowmeter measurement.

2. Volume flow meter

The measurement process of the volume flowmeter is based on the principle of vibration, which also makes it in the process of measurement, the vibration factors from the outside will affect the accuracy of its measurement. Therefore, in the process of using the volumetric flowmeter to measure, you can reduce the occurrence of errors and improve the anti-interference ability of the volumetric flowmeter by setting up interference layers and keeping away from electronic products and other necessary anti-interference measures.

An important reason for the error of the volumetric flowmeter comes from the change of temperature. When the temperature changes, the volume of the volume flow meter will also change, leading to errors. And in the process of temperature change, the gap between the rotor and the casing of the volume flow meter will also change, which will change the leakage. In addition, pressure changes will also affect the accuracy of volumetric flow meters. When the pressure is changed, the volume and volume will also increase, resulting in an increase in the leakage of the volume flow meter, which will cause measurement errors. Therefore, in the actual measurement process, it is necessary to effectively control the temperature and pressure of the volume flowmeter, effectively reduce the adverse effects caused by temperature and pressure changes, and ensure the accuracy of measurement. When the volume flowmeter is placed outdoors for a long time or the pipe section is waxed, the standard value will change, which will affect the accuracy of measurement. Therefore, in the process of using the volume flow measurement, the device needs to be discharged to ensure that it has good cleanliness, and then the measurement is performed.

With the development of aerosols and the gradual maturity of technology, automatic aerosol filling machines are widely used in our daily lives. Therefore, we need to select them according to the characteristics of different types of filling machines to effectively control the measurement error. Ensure the accuracy of measurement.

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