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How to correctly use the oxygen mask on the aircraft

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Oxygen mask is an emergency life-saving device to provide oxygen for passengers. If the cabin suddenly loses air tightness or encounters other hypoxia, passengers can get an oxygen mask to replenish oxygen at any time. After the aircraft reaches a certain altitude, the cabin shall be pressurized. If the aircraft cabin loses pressure, it will cause hypoxia, and passengers will be dizzy, unconscious and even life-threatening. When cabin pressure loss occurs at different heights, the hypoxia time that people can bear is different. The higher the flight altitude, the less the bearing time. On civil airliners, everyone's seat is equipped with a personal oxygen mask for emergency use, so there is no need to compete, so as not to damage the oxygen mask and delay its use.

The oxygen mask is connected to the automatic coupling through a slender rubber oxygen supply pipe and bayonet joint. Oxygen flows continuously into the air bag of the mask. The gas storage bag can hold a certain amount of oxygen when it first stores gas and then increases. When passengers inhale deeply to empty the air bag, the air inlet valve on the mask can allow oxygen to enter.

In case of decompression in the cockpit of the aircraft, the oxygen mask will be thrown down from the cabin roof automatically. Above the passenger seat, there is the word emergency manual release of oxygen mask and the mark of "push". After being pushed away, the oxygen mask is automatically lowered in front of passengers. On the release board, there are graphic and text instructions on how to use it. Passengers shall operate correctly according to the instructions.


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