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How to extend the service life of the filling machine?

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Filling machines are now a common large-scale machine in factories. They are almost inseparable from the daily production of products. They can be regarded as close partners of the staff. But for this close working partner, it is not activated every day, it will be normal, and we need to maintain it more to ensure that it can help people work for a longer period of time. So how to extend the service life of the filling machine?


1. There must be no less inspections before opening

Before starting the filling machine at work every day, it is recommended that the staff should pay attention to checking all parts of the filling machine. Avoid leakage or short circuit. If you look at the meter and show that the oil is not enough, add oil in time to ensure that it is enough for a day's work. Avoid the machine suddenly stop working because there is no oil, which will damage the machine. ,

2. Manually check the machine

Many filling machines are equipped with a manual rocker. This rocker is not designed to let everyone remember to use it to operate when the machine cannot work automatically. The meaning of using this rocker is to let the staff , Before starting the machine every day, first operate the machine by yourself to check whether the machine is damaged. So before starting the machine, use the manual joystick to test whether the machine is good or bad, and then start the work.

In short, if you want to make the filling machine have a longer service life, the way is to check it every day before working, find the faulty place, repair and deal with it in time, so as to prevent problems before they occur, not only can extend the machine’s life. The service life can ensure the safety of the operator.


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