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How to fill binary aerosol filling machine skin care products?

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As people’s requirements for their own appearance increase, more and more personal care spray products have gained the popularity of consumers. Moisturizing sprays, sunscreen sprays, styling sprays, shaving foams, etc.... In the past, people used to care Aerosols should only stay in hair gel mousse and shaving foam. However, cosmetic aerosols have long been popular abroad. With the development of the Internet and the improvement of people's living standards, driven by some foreign brands, the domestic market is closely following foreign trends, using more and more spray-type products, and the types of products are constantly enriched. So, how does the  binary aerosol filling machine fill skin care products?


The traditional cosmetic filling method is a one-component filling technology. The raw materials and propellant gas are directly mixed in the aerosol can. Because the propellant gas is flammable and explosive, the raw materials in the bottle are also very susceptible to pollution. The filling technology is becoming more and more common. Compared with the one-element filling, the liquid and gas in the dual-element spray are separated. There is a bag that encloses the liquid and is suspended in the middle of the tank, while the propellant gas is outside the bag, which is safer and more hygienic. Therefore, in the production process of using the binary aerosol filling machine, first put the valve with the capsule bag into the bottle, seal and inflate, fill the compressed air into the filling, and then force the filling to make the liquid filled in the capsule . The propellant is also changed from dimethyl ether, propane butane, etc. to purified compressed air, so that the raw materials will not corrode the aerosol tank and cause leakage. On the other hand, when the raw materials in the bottle are used up, the compressed air in the bottle is not consumed, so it can be refilled and reused.

For manufacturers who want to produce cosmetic aerosols, in addition to the choice of a one-element aerosol filling machine, the products produced by the binary aerosol filling machine are undoubtedly safer and more hygienic. The binary spray is an upgraded version of the one spray, or the binary is safer than the one. One yuan spray and two yuan spray have their own merits, and different aerosol filling machines should be used for different products. Ordinary spray products, the liquid and gas are combined, and the liquid is filled first, and then the gas is filled, while the binary spray liquid and gas are separated. There is a bag to enclose the liquid and hang in the middle of the tank. When the aerosol filling machine is working , Infuse gas and then fluid. Binary filling is more safe, hygienic, convenient to carry, easy to use, ultra-fine atomization and other characteristics.


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