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How to improve the filling speed of aerosol filling machine

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Shandong Fengquan Import & Export Co., Ltd. is an aerosol filling machine manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. It has strong technical force, sophisticated machinery and equipment, and has the ability to develop new products on its own. Since its inception, the company has always followed the corporate development philosophy of "precision technology, sophisticated manufacturing, and high-quality services", and has been committed to the development, production and sales of aerosol filling equipment. It is a domestic professional engaged in food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, and medicine. The main equipment of advanced enterprises such as automatic filling production line are: R134a refrigerant filling machine, air freshener filling machine, pesticide spray filling machine, bag valve aerosol filling machine and other products all over the country.

When our company is engaged in the research and development of aerosol filling machine, the filling speed of aerosol filling machines has always been a problem that customers are more concerned about, and it is also a key technology of our company in equipment research and development. We know that the aerosol filling speed depends on three convenient factors: one is the filling of the agent, the valve sealing and the filling of the propellant; the second is that the speed of the production line depends on the slower process; the third is that the filling of the propellant is slower , But sometimes the liquid filling is slower. Through the above factors, we have improved and innovated the equipment:

First of all, the method we think of is to increase the working speed of the existing filling equipment model on the existing filling equipment model, and use the appropriate filling pressure for filling. After all, innovation is a long process and there are risks. Need to improve slowly.

Secondly, what we can think of is by changing the working principle of the machine. Because the cause of various problems in the enterprise may be restricted, we need to further study, that is, to change the basic principle of the equipment. The operation of the filling equipment, such as the number of filling heads, makes the running speed very fast, so we can also modify the machine based on these principles.

Thirdly, to reduce downtime, how to reduce downtime? This requires us to increase the reliability of the machine, in addition to constantly increasing some problematic fault data display, fast maintenance and so on.

aerosol filling machines account for an increasing proportion of the filling machinery industry and are used in all walks of life. At present, the filling equipment market continues to expand and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Increasing the speed of aerosol filling equipment is not only the customer's desire, but also the responsibility of our manufacturer.


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