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How to keep aerosol products is better

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When maintain aerosols, select the appropriate part. Generally, the pressure in an aerosol bottle is much greater than normal atmospheric pressure. When the valve system is opened, the medicine will quickly disperse into tiny particles, and then ejected from the valve. Such high air pressure may damage important organs such as eyes and ears.

Therefore, when using the spray, the affected area or the administration site should be aligned, while avoiding the above two organs, and placed in a place where children can not reach, please shake the spray bottle before use. Regardless of the aerosol, after a period of time, the distribution of the drug and propellant in the bottle is uneven. 

So, before using an aerosol, shake the bottle upside down and temporarily mix the medicine and propellant uniformly. This will prevent the risk of the medicine spraying the required dose, and the aerosol should be placed in a cool place. For the main drug in each aerosol to reach the required level, the pressure in the bottle must be greater than atmospheric pressure, and the vial is a pressure-resistant container.


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