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How to maintain binary aerosol filling machine

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At present, the binary packaging technology is increasingly sought after by users in the aerosol industry, and the binary aerosol filling machine is gradually exaggerating to various fields. Accompanying the large-scale application of binary aerosol filling machines in the market, it has greatly changed our lives and accelerated the market's progress. As the frequency of use increases and increases, its service life will be reduced to a certain extent. At this time, we need to perform correct repair and maintenance on him. Then, how to maintain the binary aerosol filling machine during work?

In order to ensure the service life and stability of the binary aerosol filling machine, it can be maintained from the following points:

1. The maintenance of the seal ring of the binary aerosol filling machine should be paid attention to. Any abnormality should be replaced in time.

2. The filling container must be kept clean, and the filling workshop should be cleaner.

3. Observe that the oil-water separator of the air source triplet must be drained frequently to prevent water from entering the gas path and rust and malfunction of various valve cores. Oil misters must be refueled frequently.

4. The filling equipment is roughly made of stainless steel. When cleaning its surface, avoid scratching its surface with hard materials to ensure that it is impossible to contaminate the filling container and filling material.

5. When cleaning, do not scratch the surface of the filling machine to avoid rusting and easily contaminate the filling container and filling materials. Once the surface is stained, it can be scrubbed with alcohol and a cotton pad.

6. The sensor is a high-precision, high-sealing, high-sensitivity device. It is strictly forbidden to impact and overload. It must not be touched during work. Disassembly is not allowed for non-repair.

Binary aerosol filling machine is a special packaging form, widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and requires relatively high equipment, especially accuracy and stability. Moreover, compared with the one-element aerosol filling machine, its cost is relatively high. If it is not maintained in daily use, it may cause bad problems and reduce its service life. If improperly handled, the later maintenance costs may be high, which will also affect production efficiency.

Binary aerosol filling machine is an indispensable device for producing binary spray products. For example, sunscreen spray, moisturizing spray, nasal spray, etc. are very common in major shopping malls and pharmacies. Great business opportunity. In the production process of binary spray products, binary aerosol fillers are unique, and it is crucial for the products to enter the market. Therefore, the maintenance of binary aerosol filling machine is also very important.


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