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How to maintain the automatic filling machine and what are the precautions

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Everyone knows what the filling machine is for. It is still used in the food industry. The production of food such as milk and beer requires filling. Frequent use of these machinery and equipment will definitely shorten the time if maintenance is not performed in time. Its useful life. So how to maintain the automatic filling machine? What are the precautions?

 Regular maintenance:

   1. On-time inspection and regular maintenance: Pneumatic components such as cylinders, vacuum solenoid valves, speed control valves and electrical equipment parts should be regularly inspected every month. Conventional inspection methods can be manually adjusted to check the quality and stability of the operation. The cylinder specifically detects whether there is air leakage or jamming. The vacuum solenoid valve can be manually forcibly operated to distinguish whether the solenoid is burned out and the valve is blocked. The electrical equipment will be verified by the corresponding input and output signal lights. For example, check whether the electronic switch is damaged, whether the distribution line is disconnected, and whether the input and output components are operating normally.

        2. Common precautions for daily maintenance: Is the motor operating normally, is the environment in the installation and use area normal, whether the refrigeration system is abnormal, whether there is abnormal vibration, abnormal sound, and abnormal high temperature , There is a discoloration.

   In addition, pay attention to the following 4 points:

   1. It is necessary to separate the motor, the housing grounding device, and the grounding wire and the neutral wire;

   2. The machine's switching power supply must be imported through the leakage protection switch; automatic

   3. Pneumatic three-element standard plus pneumatic special lubricant to increase the service life of the cylinder;

  4. It is forbidden to run the water pump without water. During the whole operation, pay attention to replenish the alkali water tank and the disinfection water storage tank in time, and ensure the supply of clean water.

   The above is the whole content of "How to maintain the dynamic filling machine? What are the precautions?", I hope to help you.


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