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How to operate the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine?

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Many customers buy equipment and go back, and may not be able to operate well and affect the production process. The following editor will briefly introduce you the operating steps of the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine.

1. The semi-automatic aerosol filling machine can produce liquid filling, sealing and inflation linkage, or it can be operated separately. There are corresponding knob switches for filling, sealing and inflating. Turn on the corresponding knob switch, touch the signal valve switch on the guardrail with the bottle, and the corresponding equipment will perform the production action.

2. When starting production, place a bottle under the filling head, turn on the filling knob switch, and then touch the signal valve switch on the guardrail with a bottle, the bottle pushing cylinder will push the bottle forward to next to the filling liquid The bottle under the head. At this time, the filling head starts filling. Continue to place the bottle at the switch of the guardrail signal valve, push the bottle cylinder to continue pushing the bottle, and at the same time put the valve in the bottle after filling. Turn on the sealing switch, and after pushing the bottle, the filling valve sealing will be linked to production. When the bottle is pushed to the previous bottle position below the inflation head, turn on the inflation knob switch and continue to put the bottle. When the bottle is pushed directly below the inflation head, the inflation action will start.

3. If there is an unexpected situation during production, such as whether the sealing machine is reset due to the inaccurate positioning of the can, etc., at this time, you can press the reset button switch.

4. During production, pay attention to the values of the two pressure gauges in front of the host. If the pressure is abnormal, stop the production and investigate the cause to avoid inaccurate measurement or failure to produce.


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