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How to protect Oxygen breathing mask

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Oxygen respirator is a respiratory safety protection product specially used to provide oxygen to the human body in a special hypoxic working environment. Its use directly affects the life, health and safety of the operators, so you must be extra cautious when using it. Among them, Oxygen breathing mask is an important channel connecting the human body and the respirator, so the maintenance of the oxygen respirator mask is also extremely important. So, how do we protect Oxygen breathing mask? The following editor will take everyone to understand.


First of all, for the face screen of Oxygen breathing mask, we must do a good job of anti-scratch and wear-resistant to avoid scratches. When using or storing, we must be careful not to directly collide with sharp objects. This is the first way to do a good job of mask protection. step.

In addition, pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the mask. Clean and disinfect the mask in time after each use. Shake off the water stains in the mask, hang it to dry, avoid exposure to the sun and high temperature baking, and then apply it on the oxygen respirator mask. Apply a layer of anti-fogging agent, apply evenly, and store the mask after applying it and drying it. Apply it again before using the oxygen respirator mask again, and wait until the antifogging agent is dry before using it.

The material used in the Oxygen breathing mask is imported high-grade polycarbonate, which has a very high light transmittance, and has the performance characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-abrasion and scratches. More importantly, this face mask can have anti-fog performance, which directly solves the shortcomings of traditional oxygen respirator masks that are prone to fog and affect the line of sight.


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