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How to purchase a cost-effective self-painting aerosol filling machine?

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With the development of the times, self-paint production companies have begun to update and iterate. From the first manual operation to the current filling machine to fill, the production efficiency of the company has been greatly improved. The self-painting product is for us aerosols. In terms of production, it belongs to a relatively broad term. It can be divided into oil-based paint and water-based paint according to the nature of the paint. If it is divided from the raw materials inside, it can be divided into acrylic paint, polyurethane two-component paint, and nitro Paint, if divided from the application field, there are even more classifications, then how to purchase a cost-effective self-painting aerosol filling machine? Today, the editor of filling machine manufacturers will tell you some tips when purchasing self-painting aerosol filling machines, so that everyone can purchase cost-effective aerosol filling machine equipment.


1. First of all, when purchasing a self-painting aerosol filling machine, you must first know the characteristics of the product you are filling, what kind of paint and color your paint is, so that you can choose multiple filling heads. To fill products of different colors, this will also reduce the cleaning time of the self-painting filling machine.

2. The price of the self-painting filling machine is determined by its function, configuration and material. When you buy a self-painting aerosol filling machine, you should not only look at its technical parameters, but also at the price, which is what we often say about the price/performance ratio.

3. Also, everyone should choose a strong manufacturer, try to choose some aerosol production equipment manufacturers with a long history, it is best to go to the factory for on-site inspections.

4. When there is, everyone should ask the manufacturer's after-sales service when purchasing a self-painting aerosol filling machine. If there is no perfect after-sales service, if the equipment fails in the later stage, it will affect the company if the after-sales service cannot be solved in time. The production efficiency caused unnecessary losses, so everyone must understand clearly.


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