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How to realize quantitative filling of perfume spray filling machine

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At present, the typical perfume spray filling machine on the market mainly adopts servo-driven ball screw to realize quantitative filling. This mechanism needs to install more accessories to realize the stable operation of filling. It is precisely because this mechanism bears a relatively large load during operation and needs to be equipped with a high-power motor, which takes up a lot of installation space, its overall efficiency is generally low, and the scrap rate is high during high-speed filling. Combining mechanical design structure and new packaging machinery design theory, with the help of computer three-dimensional simulation, structural modeling and other technical methods, we propose a precise and quantitative perfume filling mechanism using a circular crank connecting rod. This mechanism can solve the problem of large installation space and motor power loss. Excessive problem.

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The process flow of the perfume spray filling machine is as follows: First, the filling nozzle fixed on the cylinder is inserted into the bottle through the lifting of the cylinder, and the material temporarily stored in the filling component is filled into the filling nozzle through the pipe. Into the bottle. The filling volume can be realized by controlling the automatic quantitative filling device. The perfume bottle can be cylindrical, square, oval and other shapes. Filled materials can be single-color liquid, mixed liquid, liquid with sequins, etc. To complete the automatic filling action, it must first be inserted into the filling bottle through the long filling nozzle, so that the external filling mechanism can smoothly fill the material into the bottle through the filling nozzle. In order to achieve the requirement of quantitative filling, it is necessary to design a mechanism that can control the filling volume on the automatic filling mechanism, so that the material filled into the bottle always maintains the quantitative requirement.

The filling volume inside the perfume spray filling machine is precisely controlled by the pulse rotation angle of the servo motor. The motor drives the small gear to make a circular motion. Through the meshing of the small gear and the large gear, the large gear drives the circle in the opposite direction. For movement, we install a set of crank and connecting rod mechanism on the concentric shaft of the big gear and fix it on the big gear so that it can follow the big gear for circular motion. The crank rotates synchronously with the big gear through a hinge. A connecting rod is installed at the other end of the crank, and the connecting rod is connected with the piston guide rod fixed in the filling barrel. Through the above correlation, the power of the motor passes through the circular crank The trigonometric function relationship realized by the connecting rod assembly is transmitted to the filling barrel to achieve the purpose of quantitative filling.


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