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How to use Portable oxygen breathing mask

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Portable oxygen breathing mask is a popular oxygen breathing apparatus commonly used at home. It can be used to assist in the treatment of many chronic diseases. It has significant effects and is well received by the majority of people. So, how to use Portable oxygen breathing mask?


1. Keep the mirror surface of the full face mask clean and clean. When the operator needs to use a positive pressure air respirator, he must pay attention to checking several related parts. These parts include the lenses of the full-face mask. We need to ensure that the entire lens is clean and clean, of course, except for dust. The full face mask of the respirator should not be contaminated by related harmful substances, including acidity, alkalinity, and oily substances that can not be on the mirror surface. It is necessary to keep the mirror surface clean and clean at any time.

2. Ensure the flexibility of key valves. The positive pressure air respirator has two key valves, namely the inhalation valve and the exhalation valve. These two valves directly affect the use of the later positive pressure air respirator. We must ensure the entire valve The action switch is flexible. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the stability of the link between the valve and the duct, which is a very critical aspect.

3. Regarding the air density detection of the entire positive pressure air respirator, this is a very critical aspect. We must ensure that the air density of the entire positive pressure air respirator is in a normal condition. The simple detection method is Open the cylinder head valve, as the pressure in the pipeline and pressure reduction system rises, you will hear a short sound from the air source residual pressure alarm; after the cylinder head valve is fully opened, check that the pressure in the cylinder should be 28 Mpa~ Within 30 Mpa.

The above is the use method of Portable oxygen breathing mask. Portable oxygen breathing mask is very safe. Life cannot be separated from oxygen. Oxygen can effectively adjust the physiological state of the body, but oxygen is not addictive. This has long been confirmed by medical science. Since the first application of oxygen in the clinic, there has been no report of oxygen addiction in the world for decades.


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