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How to use oxygen mask correctly

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An oxygen mask is an emergency rescue device that provides oxygen to passengers. If the cabin suddenly loses airtightness or encounters other hypoxic conditions, passengers can get oxygen masks to supplement oxygen at any time.

 The oxygen mask provides a way to transfer the oxygen needed for breathing from the storage tank to the human lungs. There are mainly medical oxygen masks, aviation oxygen masks and oxygen masks used by airline passengers, which play an important role in curing diseases and protecting the safety of passengers and pilots. Mainly made of plastic, silicone, or rubber.

  After the aircraft reaches a certain altitude, pressurize the cabin. If the aircraft cabin loses pressure, it will cause hypoxia, and passengers will feel dizzy, lose consciousness, and even endanger their lives under hypoxia. In the case of cabin depressurization at different altitudes, the duration of hypoxia that a person can withstand is different. The higher the flight altitude, the less time to withstand. In civil aviation airliners, each person’s seat is equipped with a personal oxygen mask for emergency use, so there is no need to fight to avoid pulling the oxygen mask and delaying use.

   The oxygen mask is connected to the automatic coupling through a slender rubber oxygen supply tube and a bayonet joint. Oxygen continuously flows into the air storage bag of the mask. The gas storage bag first stores gas, and then when it expands, it can hold a certain amount of oxygen. When the passenger takes a deep breath to inhale the air storage bag, the intake valve on the mask can allow oxygen to enter.

   In the event of decompression in the aircraft cabin, the oxygen mask will automatically be thrown down from the cabin roof. Above the passenger seat, there is an emergency manual release of the oxygen mask with a "push" mark. After pushing open, the oxygen mask will automatically lower in front of the passengers. On the release board, there are graphics and text instructions on how to use it. Passengers should follow the instructions correctly.


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