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Introduction and development of quantitative inhalation aerosol filling equipment

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Metered dose inhalation aerosol is one of the main preparations for the treatment of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Quantitative inhalation aerosol refers to a drug delivery device that inhales medicine directly into the airway through the oral cavity in the form of a spray, and has no discomfort after use. The preparation also has the characteristics of convenient carrying and low price. It has been used clinically for more than 50 years. It has played a huge role in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, and has been loved by the majority of patients. Its development cannot be separated from aerosol filling equipment.

Quantitative inhalation aerosol refers to a drug delivery system made by combining a drug and a propellant in a pressure-resistant container with a special valve system. When in use, the drug in the container is sprayed by the pressure of the propellant Or mist sprayed into the airway. In the production of pharmaceutical raw materials, drugs can be divided into two types: solution type and suspension type according to their physical characteristics. Solution aerosols have good physical stability, but low chemical stability; chemical stability of suspension aerosols The performance is better, but the physical stability is poor. No matter what kind of physical state, in the field of medicinal aerosols, it can play a good effect.

The propellant used in the past was Freon, which has been eliminated because it will destroy the atmospheric ozone layer. There are currently four main types of alternatives to freon: fluoroalkanes (tetrafluoroethane and heptafluoropropane), dimethyl ether, hydrocarbons (isobutane) and compressed gases (such as carbon dioxide). The substitutes for propellants used abroad are tetrafluoroethane, heptafluoropropane and dimethyl ether. For example, we know the aerosol of acid salbutamol, terbutaline, etc.

Secondly, the metered-dose aerosol is packaged in a packaged form. The canister is a small-dose aluminum can and a 20mm-caliber quantitative valve system, which is different from other aerosol products in terms of sealing and caliber. Due to the difference between the small filling volume of this type of product and the outsourcing mouth, it is necessary to maintain a certain filling accuracy in the development and production of quantitative inhalation aerosol filling equipment, and the sealing head and filling head need to be refined. At present, our company has made great efforts in the research and development of pharmaceutical aerosol filling equipment, and has developed a fully automatic filling line specifically for the production of such products. The introduction is as follows:

The machine is designed with a micro-filling machine, an automatic valve head machine, a 20mm caliber grabbing machine, and a micro-inflator on a working table. Equipped with a rotary bottle unscrambler and a collection table. The actual floor space of the equipment has been reduced to a greater extent, and the work has been optimized and upgraded. At the same time, since the filling measurement is a small amount, in order to ensure accurate measurement, the design and design of our measurement cylinder have been improved and designed, using a microcomputer control system, a high degree of automation. The equipment platen is made of 304 stainless steel, and the materials contacted by the pharmaceutical industry and the propellant are all 316L materials, which meets the requirements of GMP. It can meet the output of 700-14000 cans per day. At present, this machine is a new product of our company. Both the structure and performance have been upgraded a lot, becoming more and more intelligent and humanized.

In recent years, whether it is domestic or foreign, new technologies are increasingly used in pharmaceutical aerosols. First, the improvement of the drug delivery system itself, such as new inhalation drug delivery devices, has made the application of aerosols more and more The more convenient the patient is, the more acceptable it is. Secondly, the new preparation technology, such as the application of liposomes, prodrugs, polymer carriers, etc., prolongs the residence time of the drugs in the lungs and plays a role in sustained release. Improved new drugs are currently the focus of attention of many companies. The selection of medicinal aerosol solutions, the selection of propellants and the improvement of devices are the main upgrade directions.


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