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Introduction of air freshener production method and filling equipment

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With people's emphasis on health, air quality has become another focus of attention after food safety. At present, the common methods and equipment for improving air quality are: ultraviolet disinfection lamp (car), 84 disinfectant, traditional air freshener, fumigation of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine air freshener, potted plants, orange peel grapefruit peel, chlorine dioxide air freshener , Household air purification devices, etc. Among them, the air freshener has become a widely used household item because of its simple and convenient use.

At present, my country's air fresheners are divided into chemical raw material preparations and plant preparations according to their ingredients. According to the difference in dosage form, it can be divided into the following three types of air fresheners:

1. Solid dosage form. It is more common in the home and is a more common dosage form. Generally, the excipient is added after the raw material is prepared to solidify it. The use of the slow dilute propellant will effectively spread into the surrounding air. It has the characteristics of low price and convenient use.

2. Gas dosage form. There are two types of ozone and negative ions, usually containing propane, butane, dimethyl ether and other propellants, and filled with a certain amount of nitrogen and other compressed gas and liquefied and placed in a metal tank.

3. Liquid dosage form. Usually, the raw materials are dissolved in organic solvents in proportion to prepare a liquid with a certain concentration, which is divided into bottles or tanks with spray heads.

Let's take a gas-based air freshener as an example to give you a brief introduction to its manufacturing method and the filling equipment needed.

The gas-doped air freshener is called an aerosol product. It consists of feed liquid, pressure-resistant container (tinplate can), valve, propellant gas (usually propane, butane, dimethyl ether, nitrogen, etc.), nozzle, external Cover and other components. The production process is to fill the liquid first, then seal and then inflate, and finally buckle the nozzle and the outer cover.

The equipment required for the production of air fresheners varies according to the scale of investment and the degree of automation, and there are different equipment model configurations. If it is a small-scale production and start-up company, it is recommended to install a small air freshener filling equipment, which is composed of filling liquid, valve, sealing, and aeration. Other processes are manually placed, and the equipment can be operated in jog or automatic mode. , Switch freely. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. The filling head can be controlled independently without discharging without cans. The sealing head adopts guided sealing, and the sealing is good. The inflation head adopts guided inflation, which is accurate, efficient, and consumes less gas. The daily output can be Up to 4000-8000 cans/day.

If it is a large-scale mass production and has a stable sales channel, it is recommended to use a fully automatic air freshener filling line. The entire line covers bottle unpacking, filling, upper valve, sealing, inflation, weighing, water inspection, A series of processes such as buckle nozzle and buckle cover. The production line is designed with 2-4 liquid filling heads, 3 aeration heads, rotary table type transport positioning, no jamming and no squeezing. The conveying system can be designed according to U-shaped rotary structure, saving space. This machine has high production efficiency, safety and reliability, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

At present, air freshener is a relatively common product around us, especially in hotels and some public places. Jinhu Fuda Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of air freshener filling equipment, providing raw materials, processes, equipment, installation , Debugging and other one-stop services.


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