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Introduction of sunscreen spray filling production line

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Now is the hot summer. Many people love and hate summer! In summer, you can blow air conditioners, eat ice cream, and wear beautiful long skirts and shorts ... But in summer, the delicate skin is exposed for a longer period of time. This is unavoidable due to the dual damage of sunlight and air conditioning. Some people are exposed to the sun. Tai Chi patterns, some people have become fishnet legs. Summer is here, how to protect your skin? Sunscreen sprays are undoubtedly the most used. It is a new type of aerosol cosmetic product, which is easy to use and deeply loved by users.

Xiaobian first popularize what aerosols are. Aerosols refer to medicines, emulsions or suspensions that are packaged in a pressure-resistant container with a special valve system together with a suitable propellant. When used, the propellant is used. The pressure sprays the contents as a mist, which is used for inhalation of the lungs or directly to the cavity, mucous membrane, skin and space disinfection preparations. Among them, aerosol products are divided into one-pack and two-pack. At present, aerosol cosmetics have been widely accepted by consumers in recent years from sunscreen, moisturizing spray and other products. Influenced by aerosol dual-pack, this innovation The cosmetic aerosol market will enter a golden development period.

Sunscreen sprays are easy to use, evenly dosed, and have a broad application market. But it is worth noting that the spray should be formulated in the environment required by the relevant species, such as certain cleanliness, sterilization conditions and low temperature environments. The production of sprays requires aseptic conditions, so there are higher requirements for production equipment. Among them, the sunscreen spray filling production line is an indispensable device in the production process, so what is the composition of the sunscreen spray filling line?

First of all, we need to determine which filling method to use for sunscreen sprays. Binary filling is more common, has a high environmental protection factor, and is safe and pollution-free. It consists of aluminum cans (iron cans), sac valve, nozzle, outer cover, etc. The raw material is inside the pouch, and the propellant gas is completely separated from the raw material between the tank and the pouch, thereby solving the trouble caused by the raw material corroding the tank or the gas-liquid incompatibility. Advantages such as long shelf life.

Secondly, the binary packaging aerosol filling production line consists of bottle unscrambler, binary packaging sealing and inflating machine, binary packaging filling machine, weighing machine, water bath leak detection machine, button nozzle machine, outer cover machine, online coding , Conveyor belt, PLC control program, etc., suitable for the filling of aluminum cans, iron cans of different heights, each station can achieve the full function of tank work, no tank shutdown. No dripping or jamming during filling. Packers, heat shrinkers, etc. can be configured according to customer requirements.

The empty cans are placed on the bottle sorting table, and the empty cans are transported to every process by the principle of contrast using a conveyor belt. Each process is equipped with different switches to complete all steps in order. The bottle unscrambler table consists of 9 flat top conveyor belts. One conveyor belt is connected to the production line conveyor belt and runs in the same direction. It uses the principle of differential motion to form jam cans, squeeze cans, and cans. The binary packaging sealing and inflating unit absorbs Europe's advanced under-cap filling concept. According to the actual production efficiency requirements, three groups of sealing inflatable devices can be configured, and the sealing effect is good. The compressed air is used to suck up the bag valve, and the compressed gas is filled in the sealed cavity and immediately sealed. After the sealing is completed, the bottles enter the filling unit in turn. According to the actual production efficiency, three groups of irrigation devices can be configured. The above units are the core components of the assembly line, and other units can be freely selected according to their own needs. The power of the equipment comes from air, no electricity is needed, and the equipment is driven by an air compressor. The motors are all explosion-proof motors with high safety factors.

The use of binary packaging sun sprays has many advantages. Now, many cosmetic manufacturers have begun to develop binary packaging sun sprays. The specific limitations are as follows:

First, the atomization effect is better. The unitary spray propellant and material are mixed in an aerosol can. The propellant is used to pressurize to push the material out and assist the atomization of the material. It is sprayed with the material, so many formulas are in the choice of raw materials. There are limitations. Compared with the one-component spray, the two-component spray has a larger choice of raw material range. At the same time, the binary spray should be softer and more uniform, and feel more delicate when contacting the skin.

Second, safety. The gas most commonly used in one-component spray cans is propane, which is liable to explode under high-temperature or high-pressure environments. Therefore, one-component spray cans are not allowed to undergo security checks, while binary spray products can be carried as long as the capacity does not exceed the standard. of.


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