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Introduction to installation adjustment and operation of spray filling machine

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The aerosol filling machine is composed of a bottle unscrambler, a flat-top chain conveyor, and an automatic filling line that integrates three stations of filling, discharging, and sealing. It is suitable for the filling of 15-120m aluminum cans, plastic cans, and glass bottles , Each station can realize all functions of working with bottles and stopping without bottles. There is no dripping during filling, the machine can be equipped with a valve device according to customer requirements, and can also be used with bottle washing machine, oven, and labeling. The spray filling machine has the characteristics of fast filling speed, accurate filling measurement, high repeat accuracy, reliable sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. It is widely used for quantitative filling of liquid media of various aerosol products Outfit.

  Installation adjustment and operation of spray filling machine:

   1. Install the machine on a flat and solid ground, adjust the anchor bolts at the bottom of the workbench, so that the workbench is roughly in a horizontal position.

   2. Connect the gas source to the inlet of the second unit of the gas source treatment of the filling machine.

3. Adjustment of the filling volume: before adjustment, the pressure reducing valve on the air treatment unit of the filling system must be closed, and wait for the compressed air in the machine to evacuate; or the manual valve exhaust valve on the side of the metering device Pull to the exhaust position to exhaust; turn counterclockwise to indicate that the filling volume of the cylinder increases, otherwise the filling volume decreases. When the required filling volume is adjusted, open the pressure reducing valve to restore the pressure to 0.45~0.7 Mpa; or reset the exhaust valve of the hand-drawn pipeline on the side of the metering device, and repeat the trial filling until the required filling volume is reached.

4. The height adjustment of the filling head: first loosen the locking screw on the side of the carriage, turn the hand wheel to adjust the height of the carriage, according to the height and size of the aerosol can, as long as the aerosol can enter and exit under the filling head Freely, the filling head should be as close as possible to the mouth of the can. After adjustment, tighten the locking screw on the side of the carriage.

   5. Adjustment of the position of the aerosol can: first loosen the compression screws of the two positioning blocks on the worktable, adjust the position of the positioning block to ensure that the aerosol can and the filling head are concentric, and then tighten the screws.

   6. Adjustment of working speed: For liquid media with different viscosity, the filling speed requirements are different. Before adjustment, first tighten the one-way throttle valve on the side of the metering device, operate the foot pedal (jog), perform a certain amount of trial filling, and slowly release the one-way throttle valve while operating, to ensure that each time When the loading volume does not exceed the allowable error range, the movement speed is appropriate and the one-way throttle valve is locked until the work is stable.

   7. Check the above adjustment procedures to start filling. Place the aerosol can between the two fixed blocks, and close to the positioning block, step on (jog) the valve K1 to complete the filling. During the adjustment process, if the cylinder piston cannot be reset, it can be reset by operating the button valve K3 in front of the worktable. Note: In the process of adjustment and use, if there is any abnormal situation, you need to immediately operate the button valve K3 to reset, after the fault is identified and eliminated, you can continue to use it.

  Aerosol filling machine due to its special working principle, the production line can realize the product from the raw material into the packaging equipment, through processing, transportation, assembly, inspection and other production activities constitute a route. The filling machine has great flexibility and can be widely used in the production and processing of a variety of products. It plays an important role in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries. The quality of the filling machine is often related to product quality, production efficiency, and enterprise efficiency. It is receiving more and more attention from more and more production and processing enterprises, and its development prospects can be seen. Under such circumstances, the filling machine has become a hot filling equipment. In addition, in recent years, with the improvement of science and technology, the domestic filling machine industry has also developed rapidly. The technical level, equipment performance, and quality have been greatly improved. In support of enterprises and safe production Played an important role.


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