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Maintenance precautions for manual sealing machine

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We all know that no matter what kind of manual sealing machine we use, there will be various problems during use, which will affect the normal production and operation of our enterprise, so here we are going to teach you something about filling and manual sealing Some daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine require us to pay attention to some knowledge. Here are three specific points for attention in maintenance:

Manual Sealing Maching

1. Do a good job of cleaning and keep the working environment dry

The prerequisite for the maintenance of the manual sealing machine is to keep the machine in a clean environment. The environment should not be too humid. It is not a metal container or metal cover. Do not place it on a metal table and press the start button, otherwise the machine will be damaged. Remind not to use the manual sealing machine in harsh environments such as flammable and explosive.

2. Pay attention to some necessary electrical common sense during the maintenance process

Everyone knows that the current machines are generally automated. It can be said that automation is basically electrical energy based on electrical energy. Therefore, we must first understand some relevant circuit knowledge, so that we can solve some common problems in the future. The three-phase four-wire machine should be equipped with the same type of socket as the machine power supply, and should meet the three-phase four-wire power supply requirements; the single camera should be equipped with a three-phase power socket to ensure the reliable grounding of the machine.

3. In the inspection and repair of the filling and sealing machine, the power plug should be unplugged to prevent electric shock.

The last and most critical point is that the key to the maintenance of the manual sealing machine is to keep the room in the best cleaning condition, and to wipe the inside of the machine regularly. Filling the sealed pump oil can only be added to most of the filling and sealing pump oil window. position.

All in all, the demand for filling and manual sealing machines in the food manufacturing industry is increasing, which has also led to the rapid development of manual sealing machines. As the saying goes, "As long as there is market demand and opportunities, it can drive the development of the industry." Recently, there has been an increasing demand for manual sealing machines, and customers who consult and purchase companies have also shown an upward trend.


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