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Now an introduction to aerosol products

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Aerosol filling machines work similarly to liquid filling machines and gas filling machines. The principle is to fill the liquid quantitatively before the gas is filled. Due to the special reason of the pressure in the aerosol products, the filling is divided into filling machines to fill the quantitative liquid into the aerosol can at normal temperature and pressure.

The gas filling machine fills a certain amount of gas (or liquefied gas) with a certain pressure into the aerosol canister. Because the aerosol product has a certain pressure, the aerosol canister is closed before inflation. The gas filling machine fills the gas through the top of the aerosol can, because many aerosol products are often filled with flammable and explosive materials during the production process.

Therefore, this equipment usually adopts the mechanical structure of full pneumatic transmission to prevent power generation. The unsafe factors of EDM meet the requirements of fire and explosion. The structure is mainly composed of a filling metering cylinder, a filling head, a table top, a frame and a pneumatic component. The liquid metering cylinder is fixed at the rear of the table, and the liquid filling head is installed on the pressure plate of the lifting column, which is convenient to adjust up and down according to the height of the tank.

Filling: Turn on the filling knob switch, gently depress the foot valve, the liquid metering cylinder double-acting directional valve will change direction, and the filling head valve will open under the action of the small cylinder. At the same time, the liquid of the liquid metering cylinder is filled with air in the upper chamber, and the lower chamber is exhausted. The piston of the power cylinder pushes the piston of the cylinder downward, and the liquid in the cylinder is poured into the aerosol tank through the filling head, and the piston of the power cylinder is pressed down.


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