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Operation process of binary spray semi-automatic filling machine

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According to the analysis of relevant persons in the industry, the binary spray has a market of hundreds of billions and a broad market. This talk is really exciting, why the binary spray can have such a large market potential, it comes down to it because of its competitive packaging advantages.

The packaging of binary spray products is a kind of "binary packaging". Binary packaging technology is an emerging packaging technology that has developed into a packaging system that improves the quality of cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical products. Not only is it easy to use and safe, but it can be sprayed at any angle without waste.

So, what is binary packaging? Binary packaging refers to: liquid and gas are separated, there is a bag to enclose the liquid, and the bag is covered with ordinary safe gas, safe and hygienic, easy to carry, easy to use, ultra-fine atomization. The binary spray head can be sprayed 360 at will, and the spray is all misty, delicate and easy to be absorbed by the skin. The four-layer vacuum bag isolates flammable and explosive gases, contaminates the liquid raw materials, and compresses air to avoid flammable and explosive to ensure safety during transportation and daily use.

Binary spray semi-automatic filling machine is a small equipment customized according to the structural characteristics of its products, suitable for initial production or new product development stage customer needs. Compared with the automatic filling machine, the binary spray semi-automatic filling machine has the characteristics of simple use, small footprint and small investment.

The operation process of the binary spray semi-automatic filling machine is very simple. Because it is a small semi-automatic equipment, there is no complicated process of the assembly line. The operation process is very simple. Without high skills or experience, ordinary workers can complete the rectification production process. The following editors will introduce the operation process of this device.

1. Check whether the equipment and the air source power cable have been connected.

2. Turn on the power switch and turn on the air source switch.

3. Adjust the pressure of the air source of the main engine, and adjust the pressure of the air compressor to a suitable pressure value.

4. Adjust the height of the sealing machine according to the height of the jar.

5. Adjust the diameter and depth of the seal.

6. Adjust the pressure value of the inflator.

7. Adjust the position of the filling head so that the base of the filling head is 2 ~ 5mm away from the valve mouth.

8. Metering adjustment of filling machine. The metering size of the filling can be changed by the stroke of the metering cylinder piston until the metering reaches the required requirements.

9. When the equipment is adjusted, turn on the sealing and inflation switch, and place the empty can with the valve bag under the sealing and inflation machine for filling.

10. Place the filled jar under the filling head and turn on the filling switch to fill.

11. Manually buckle the nozzle and cover.

12. After filling, turn off the gas source and power supply.


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