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Operation steps of semi-automatic aerosol filling machine

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The aerosol filling machine is a special pressure filling equipment used to fill aerosol products. It is composed of four parts, material liquid, valve, pressure-resistant container and propellant gas. By filling the liquid first, then sealing, in turn to complete the production process in inflation.

All kinds of aerosols used by people in life, such as hair spray, mousse, air freshener, insecticide, self-spray paint, etc., are first filled with liquid material in an aerosol can, sealed valve, and then filled Inject the propellant gas, press the nozzle of the aerosol can during use, the aerosol material is sprayed into a mist, the spray range is large, and the mist particles are fine and uniform. Because of the good effect of spraying, it is very popular among people. The aerosol filling machine is specially designed for this type of product, and has the characteristics of wide application and diversification.

Aerosol filling machine has different models and configurations according to the difference in output and degree of automation, semi-automatic and fully automatic to meet different customer needs. Many customers buy equipment to go back, and may not be able to operate well and affect the production process. Today, Jie Rui Shi Xiaobian takes our three-in-one automatic aerosol filling machine as an example to give you a brief introduction to the operation steps.

1. The equipment can be produced by linkage of liquid filling, sealing and inflation, or it can be operated separately. There are corresponding knob switches for filling, sealing and inflating, turn on the corresponding knob switch, and touch the signal valve switch on the guardrail with the bottle, and the corresponding equipment will perform the production action.

2. When starting production, put a bottle under the filling head, turn on the filling knob switch, and then touch a bottle with the signal valve switch on the guardrail, pushing the bottle cylinder will push the bottle forward to the filling The bottle under the head. At this time, the filling head starts filling. Continue to place the bottle at the signal switch of the guardrail, push the cylinder to continue to push the bottle, and put the valve into the bottle after filling. After opening the sealing switch, the sealing of the filling valve will be linked to production after pushing the bottle. When the bottle is pushed to the position of the previous bottle below the inflation head, turn on the inflation knob switch and continue to put the bottle. When the bottle is pushed directly under the inflation head, the inflation action will start.

3. If an unexpected situation occurs in production, such as whether the sealing machine is pressed down due to inaccurate positioning of the canister, etc., at this time, you can press the reset button switch.

4. During production, pay attention to the values of the two pressure gauges in front of the host. The pressure gauge with a range of 0-2.5 MPa shows the pressure of the compressed air adjusted by the host air source pressure relief valve and the pressure on the triple unit of the host air source. The table shows the same, generally 0.6-0.7MPa; the pressure gauge with a range of 0-10MPa shows the pressure of the propellant after being boosted by the booster pump. This table is used to adjust the air pressure relief valve on the booster pump. Controlled, generally 1.0-1.5MPa. If the pressure is abnormal, stop the production and check the reason to avoid inaccurate measurement or production failure.

The above is an introduction to the operation steps of the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine, I hope to help everyone.


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